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    The Witcher TV Series Is In the Works at Netflix

    You really need to decide on Amazon or Netflix here, you seem to have fixed the title (which is still wrong in RSS feeds) but the Text still says both Amazion and Netflix. (Or Sapkowski is very confused)
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    Dishonored 2 Has a 9 GB Day 1 Patch

    This makes the pre-purchase bonus of playing one day early look a bit shitty...
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    Investigating Overwatch's Stingy Loot System

    I'd assume that reality is probably much worse - the expensive items are most likely less common, which means you will have to buy most of them and you will get less money (as you are less likely to get an expensive duplicate). This won't bring you close to the 12k, but probably significantly...
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    Geoff Keighley: Konami Banned Hideo Kojima From Accepting Any MGS V Awards

    WoW, Konami sure saw EAs winning streak of worst company of the year and though "We can beat that!"
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    Blizzard Will no Longer Report World of Warcraft Subscriber Numbers

    They have said that literally before and after each and every expansion so far.
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    The Raid: Redemption Remake Loses Star, Director, and Studio

    Ah. Silly me, assuming that americans could just watch an english dub, of course they need their own version.
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    The Raid: Redemption Remake Loses Star, Director, and Studio

    What? There are english dubs for both raid movies. They aren't terribly good, but wouldn't making a better dub be cheaper than remaking the entire movie?
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    Gothic - You Are Not Special

    Saying the world of Gothic is not as big as Witcher 3 is kind of unfair. Gothic is easily as big as Witcher 1 and Gothic 3 is easily as big as Witcher 3 (though unplayble without the community patch). For anyone interested in the series I'd like to point out that Gothic 4 (Arcadia, a Gothic...
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    Far Cry: Primal's Stone Age Includes Sabretooth Tigers And Woolly Mammoths

    So its ARK then. Only that fighting against animals was always a pain in the dick in FC and was only done as long as necessary to get the upgrades to fight the much more interesting humans. Not convinced. Will see.
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    Get Your Duct Tape And Pocket Knife Ready - MacGyver is Coming Back!

    Furious 7 was one of the worst movies I have ever seen so my expectations are kinda low here.
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    Guild Wars 2 Officially Goes Free-to-Play Today Ahead of New Expansion

    The expansion-selling model was really more GW1 (and it worked well). GW2 was really more F2P from the beginning. Sure, you had to buy the game, but there was no monthly cost and they made money via ingame shop, like all F2P games do. They didn't release any expansions of the magnitude of GW1...
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    How Far Is A Yard in Diablo 3? Shorter Than You Think

    Well, Blizzard never bothered with "real" distances anyway. Yard is also translated 1:1 to meter in european versions.
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    Arya Stark Actress Talks Game of Thrones Season Four Decisions

    She also doens't go with Brienne because in the books they never even meet so it would've made little sense...
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    Twitch Plays Pokemon Beats Pokemon Crystal

    How the hell did they manage to give their pokemon proper names this time around? And a friendship evolution? I'm kinda impressed. Trolls got bored?
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    Holy Crap, The First Image Of NBC's Constantine Is Right Out Of Hellblazer

    Came here for this. Of course since I have no idea what the constantine series is, it is very well possible that Castiel is based on this, not the other way around. In which case the supernatural guys did it first and damn did they do it well...