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    Dragon's Crown Review: Buxom Babes and Battleaxes

    You can be more objective than you think, case in point you may not like the art style in dragon's crown, but you cant deny its good art. Same can be said for the gameplay that the reviewer says its "repetitive" well...its a sidescroller beat-em up...certain genres have certain expectations...
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    Dragon's Crown Review: Buxom Babes and Battleaxes

    I find it really funny, that only 2 reviews so far have given the game average scores. And both reviews state that part of the reason is how the game depicted women... I dont really care, since the game is selling like hotcakes and VW is an incredibly talented developer, but I always thought...
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    Gaming, Media, Boobies and Poorly Thought-Out Responses: Oh My!

    Yeah well, calling someone you've never met a "juvenile delinquent who's probably on jail" isn't the best way to get your point across. Nothing you or the company you work for have done comes even close to how beautiful a Vanillaware game looks in motion. Big tits or not. And this is just...