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    What do you think of Anarchy Reigns?

    I'm really liking the game so far. It's hectic, stupid and it's definitely not a £40 AAA game, but I didn't pay £40, so it doesn't matter. Despite most reviews stating that the single player is the weak link, I'm really liking it so far. As for the MP, I enjoy it when I can find a game that's...
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    PETA creates Pokemon parody game, Black and Blue.

    As much as I absolutely detest PETA, I love their parody games.
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    Poll: am I the only one who likes rainy days?

    It's nice if you have nothing to do so you can curl up inside and play videogames, or if it's warm and you have a light shower to cool you off, but otherwise, it kinda sucks.
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    Best free Antivirus?

    I've used Avast! for four years with no problems at all, although I hear wonderful things about Microsoft Security Essentials. All-in-all, the best anti-virus is to just be careful what you click on. AV software is just a safety net for when it's unavoidable.
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    Misconceptions about gaming/gamers that annoy you the most.

    When people assume I have FIFA or CoD games. I have FIFA 11 because it was £1. And I played MW2 because my friend let me borrow it while he borrowed Uncharted 2 from me. Just because those are what you think of when you think of games, it doesn't mean I have them. If you listen to pop music...
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    What's your current desktop background?

    It's just the standard Windows 7 wallpaper. It's not that pretty, but seeing as I'm relegated to using the computers in the library, it's better than either solid blue or the Nottingham Trent University logo that they might have.
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    The Most Mishandled IPs/Franchises in Gaming?

    Well, Guitar Hero died under its own success. In that Activison saw that it was a success and proceeded to bury it under 3 releases a year and stupid moves like Band Hero and letting Neversoft develop it instead of buying Harmonix as well as Red Octane. Kingdom Hearts is dying under the...
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    Weird things that really annoy you.

    People who leave a space before their punctuation. For example: "Do you want to go to the cinema ?" WHAT IN THE BLUE HELL IS THAT? THERE'S NO NEED FOR THE SPACE BETWEEN THE WORD 'CINEMA' AND THE QUESTION MARK. AT ALL.
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    Your favorite new IPs of this generation

    Despite the fact that I think both are dead now, Infamous and Uncharted are both wonderful additions to Sony's ever growing range of exclusives. Infamous in particular grabbed my attention and were it not for the ending(s) of the second game, I'd be begging for more. Uncharted was the franchise...
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    So you're an indie developer now. What kind of games do you make?

    I'd love to make an Earthbound style RPG. So, no random battles, don't set it in a crappy fantasy/sci-fi world, and most of all, make sure it's fun. Not just in terms of gameplay, but just overall, it has to be bright, characters have to be trippy and weird, but avoid overdoing it to the point...
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    Do you look older or younger than you are?

    This is an awkward question. As I normally look, glasses, some facial hair, I look my age or a little older (20), but remove the glasses and keep the hair, and I look even older, but take away the hair, and I look around 14, and with no facial hair or glasses, I look like a freaking newborn.
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    Poll: The Best Time-Travel Movie

    I voted Terminator because as a franchise, I feel it upholds its vision of time travel very well, handling and working with the flaws that might be present in sending back 3 murderous robots
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    Song You Like So Much You Can't Tell If It's Bad or Not

    The first one to spring immediately to mind is Blood & Thunder by Mastodon. I mean, Mastodon are a great band, but I can't tell if I like this song because it's good, or if I like it because it's cheesy as all hell. I mean, how many prog songs have gang vocals?