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    The Defenestration of Erin Stout

    Okay, theory time, he's pushing her out the window to give her another head injury and help her to no hallucinate anymore. Just a guess.
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    If someone is a post-op transsexual, are they obligated to tell the person they are pursuing/dating?

    Relevancy is relative, it may not be relevant to him/her, but it could very well be extremely relevant to their partner, if for no other reason than for trust issues. I'm not a bigot or anything, but something like a sex change is a pretty big idea to grasp when with someone, simply because...
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    Setting up a Minecraft Server

    No, my aversion to bukkit is the last server I was on was filled with /nuking trolls and griefers who could tp anywhere. Vanilla seems safer and more fun.
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    Setting up a Minecraft Server

    I've had bad experiences with bukkit, so I refuse. I'm not entirely sure what router I have, it's the default "Here's a router" from verizon when you get fios or whatever
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    Setting up a Minecraft Server

    So I've decided I'd like to set up a minecraft server on my PC. I have the exe downloaded from minecraft, but I don't know how to get people to connect to it. I know I need to do "port forwarding" but I have no idea how to do it. can anyone help me out? I've tried googling and haven't really...
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    If you had to *literally* eat one book...

    Sucks to your Asth-mar, I only had to read it once in summer school. OT: Since I find bread to be bland, I'd have to find the shortest, smallest book possible, and like soak it in water for quick ingestion
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    Poll: Do you hate sexy armor on female characters?

    Nidalee and Leblanc aren't supposed to be armoured though, they aren't tanks. Whereas Leona, Poppy and whoever are well armored and it suits them
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    Feed Dump: Big Pile of Cash

    I went to that never liked it anyway site after this, I swear to god, this item for sale has to be the funniest goddamn thing I've read in a LONG time OT: Love feed dump, and now I love that I have a random site that is just eBay for...
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    Meatbag and Co: Survival Island

    Kinda wanna know what seed the island is, I really love survival seeds
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    Meatbag and Co: Late Night Delivery

    The "What do you think they're talking about" line reminded me of the start of Red Vs. Blue lol
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    No Pants Subway Ride

    You might want to edit your post and get rid of that last link, it's against the rules, theres a no nudity/porn policy, just a warning. OT: It's a funny idea but I know I couldn't do it, if I were in my undies and there was a cute girl in hers, I'd garner waaaay too much attention because my...
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    Feed Dump: Terrorist Salad Bar

    Yes we need to send Pinkie Pie to gitmo cupcakes, we certainly do not have enough.
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    Poll: Seinfeld Vs. Friends

    I loved both, and while Seinfeld had Kramer and all his wackyness, Friends at least attempted a story and continuity which made it a bit more interesting. I mean, I know the point of Seinfeld was for it to be a show about nothing, and they achieved that with flying colors, I just prefer shows...
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    Poll: Who still watches Extra Credits?

    If you're talking about the donations for Allison's surgery they had a system in place for a refund if you didn't like the purpose they decided would be best for the excess money The surgery money and the money they were supposed to be getting paid by the escapist were two totally different...
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    Review: Solitaire (1990)

    I've actually seen nude solitaire... it's a real thing sadly... OT: What about Spider solitaire? That has difficult options and a unique playstyle for the new generation