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    Jimquisition: The Adblock Episode

    I don't use adblock, actually. I block ad servers through my host file. I don't know which ad servers you guys get your ads from, so it's difficult to actually fix that. I'd remove those ones from the list if I knew.
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    American Box Art Sucks

    I think it's just because the people behind it don't care and neither do a lot of the people on our side of the pond. I know I don't, really, but I've never been shopping for games, I just buy the one I'm out to get. I don't personally see any real problem with American box art, but I do prefer...
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    What is your favorite Quote?

    It used to be the burn from Billy Madison, "What you just said... is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point, in your rambling, incoherent response, were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for...
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    If you where gonna crash in the sun what song would you want to hear before dying?

    I'm surprised that not everybody in this thread said "Still Alive". I want to hear it because A: It's my favorite song ever and B: It'd be pretty fucking ironic.
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    What game can you replay over and over?

    God Hand and Portal. God Hand because I get tired of games treating me like some retard who hasn't yet figured out that to double jump you need to press jump twice (not that you can jump in God Hand, but still) and I feel I need that ass kicking to remind me that I'm not just naturally gifted...
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    Poll: Problems With Anime?

    The angst/drama, mostly. But that's only slightly higher than most of the retarded stories, and especially the dialog. Even without translating it, it's completely retarded. Especially when it's "power of love", "I always win because I fight for my friends" nonsense. The last anime I can...
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    Poll: Are scholarships designated for African-Americans racist?

    What video game is this thread about? It must have been something Capcom made.
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    Tell me your GOTY!

    Splatterhouse. Especially with Jim Cummings as the Terror Mask. Oh yes. Welcome to the Splatterhouse.
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    Poll: Have you ever actually been to 4chan?

    And what, pray tell, is wrong with that? It's not like it's doing anything important, and they don't seem to think it is. Just because something is done for the sake of doing it doesn't automatically make it bad. Typically the things that are bad because they are done for the sake of it are the...
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    Poll: Have you ever actually been to 4chan?

    I have no problems with /b/ or any other section of 4chan. The majority of it seems to me like a less organized, less focused, and less restricted version of what's going on here; It's a bunch of like-minded folks sparking arguments and discussions with each other alongside another bunch of...
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    The Rock Band Challenge (this may cost you 160 M$)

    Nice to see everyone auto-hating this for the Miley Cyrus aspect of it (There really is no sarcasm to be had in that statement). I feel that Miley Cyrus has a "Godwin's Law"-like effect on anything ever. As soon as Miley Cyrus becomes involved, it's over.
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    Best Fire Emblem Charecter

    Ike wins this contest because HE FIGHTS FOR HIS FRIENDS! And I win because I think I'm the only one who's made this joke in this thread. Yay me. *blows a little party horn... thingy...*
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    I certainly suck this game's balls a lot, but God Hand makes me feel like a bad ass every time I managed to beat a level on Normal difficulty. Also, beating the living shit out of a gigantic nightmare from hell while dual-wielding appendages bestowed with the ability to turn anything that moves...
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    The Worst live action movie idea you can think up?

    I don't think Micheal Bay films are ever any good. I'm not sure who would be able to make it into a good movie, but something about jamming special effects and totally expected plot devices down my throat just doesn't entertain me.