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    Space Janitors: Episode One

    1.) Spartan Helmets with Stormtrooper suits? 2.) REBOOT insignias? 3.) Roomba brooms? Not sure what to think. The animation was jerky as well. I'll give it a few episodes to see if it is worthwhile or not.
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    Poll: The Escapist's New(er) Format

    THAT IS EVEN WORSE. Listening to ONLY the "paying" members means that they do not care about other members opinion. My respect for this site has gone down even further.
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    Poll: The Escapist's New(er) Format

    Very lets get some more votes on this issue then. Be honest ppl.
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    Poll: The Escapist's New(er) Format

    Doubtful. They never ever asked for our input on that matter and that is absolutely unacceptable.
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    Valve: There Is No Half-Life 3

    Good. The other HL games SUCKED. Seriously no good story and made a lot of ppl nauseous.
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    Yes I smoke.. So I'm the devil now?

    Actually they have every right to do just that.
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    Yes I smoke.. So I'm the devil now?

    You sir have it COMPLETELY the wrong way around. I would do the exact same thing. If the other friend was a TRUE friend he would not subject the other with his cancerous , idiotic habit. Deviate is completely correct in this case. His friend, and you, are completely in the wrong. "His...
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    Yes I smoke.. So I'm the devil now?

    Happy to Devil.
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    Yes I smoke.. So I'm the devil now?

    Oh so now you are trying to kill them off as well. Well done.
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    Yes I smoke.. So I'm the devil now?

    I will put it as simple as possible. You smoke. You are an idiot. Let me explain why. 1.) You STINK. 2.) You LITTER. 3.) You do not respect the health of people around you. 4.) You do not respect YOUR health. Debate it or not all of these things are true. Now if you were SMART...
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    No Right Answer: Best Batman Ever

    Michael Keaton for sure. Clooney was also good. Adam west? He was HORRIBLE!!!!!!!!
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    So I got my girlfriend gaming, but what can I have her play

    Get her one of these!!!
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    Two men hugging means they're gay?

    WRONG! It is not gay at all. Now if they were slapping each other on the arse.....then maybe.
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    Creature Caster Masters: Bloopers 1-3

    Hey~!!! THREE MONTHS now and no new episodes? Bring it together man! The series was pretty damn good!!!!!!
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    Hip-Hop and Rap: What are your thoughts?

    Well said....and Hiphop is just as bad.