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    Escapist Testing Initiative (Portal 2 Custom Map Archive & Challenge Circuit)

    Here's a first effort (in the portal editor, long time hammer user here.) A disclaimer: it's large...really large, and I pretty much maxed out the editor. If you have any criticism it's welcome of course, but I probably wont change anything on this map, just keep it in mind for my next...
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    Had any crazy dreams lately?

    I had a messed up nightmares after new years this year for 2 days which I believe was caused by smoking most of a cigar...nicotine just doesn't agree with me. The worst one was in my dream I woke up and my bed was soaked in blood. There was an object tangled in the blankets and when I...
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    Poll: Which Pokemon Gen did you start off with?

    Somehow, none. I've never touched a pokemon game. If one were interested in seeing what all the fuss was about, would you guys recommend starting with the original? Or have there been significant changes to make it a better game with the later ones? What would be the "best" one to play if...
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    Where did you think babies came from before you were given "The Talk"?

    I recall being very young, like 4 or 5 or so, and actually asking my dad "How do mommies get pregnant?" when it occurred to me for the first time, having seen my mom be pregnant with my sister. His answer was "They just do." I elaborated and asked, "So they can just get pregnant any time even...
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    Share the most intense, powerful music you know.

    Crank this, or wear headphones and give it a listen. I can't think of something that is more "epic" sounding. Pretty sure this was like the 1920's version of metal.
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    I....just....don't even.......what?

    Well then. First thing I thought of was this:
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    NASA: "Apollo 18 Is Not a Documentary"

    Poor NASA. On a related note, remember the ENTIRE WEBPAGE [] they had to dedicate to debunking the 2012 stuff right after the movie came out? You'd think they're being silly about paying attention to this stuff, but I bet they get a bunch...
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    E3: End of Nations

    I thought there was a connection to Rise of Nations being in the same genre and all, but this looks equally exciting.
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    Xbox owners - I've had an idea...

    Even if it was something like 8000-10k gamer score = 1 free DLC, and MS more strictly regulated how you receive GS points so you don't have games like "Jumper" (which I played for 5 minutes and racked up like 20 achievements). That would reward people who own more games, and play them all the...
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    How do you feel about dragons?

    Actual real live photographs? I think not.
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    How do you feel about dragons?

    Dragons: everybody knows what they look like, but nobody has ever seen one.
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    Psychologists Claim Games Alter Personal Reality

    I remember years ago in the hayday of quake 2, I was walking down the street with a buddy of mine and we were going underneath an overpass. He flung out his arm like an asshole then quickly became embarrassed with himself and explained that without thinking he was trying to use the grappling...
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    Recomend some alternate music.

    Every time one of these threads come up (which is awesome, always new music to discover), I post these guys. And I will continue to do so until I see somebody else recommend them, because they're awesome as hell.
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    If you could have the answer to any one question....

    What will the date and time of my death be. Seriously, the suspense is killing me. Also, it would be an excuse to throw a "Deathday party."
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    Gay characters in children's cartoons

    I actually disagree with the idea. As a former child myself, I can recall a time where I would roll my eyes at the "boring love stuff." Sexuality really doesn't have a place in children's programming, because children are not sexual beings yet. When you say: I agree, but HOW would you...