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    Just Bought Skyrim

    I would NOT recommend the unofficial patch. Yes it fixes a lot of legitimate bugs, but it also "fixes" a ton of things that don't seem to have been broken. e.g. it makes it so the thief stone no longer benefits the archery skill, and instead the warrior stone does. Which, admittedly, makes it...
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    Baseball Is Back!

    Wait. People under 65 watch baseball? Hahaha, nope. I refuse to believe it. The easiest way to learn to watch the puck on tv is to watch where the players are looking.
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    Death Note = Breaking Bad, but with death instead of meth

    If you reduce stories down to their simplest elements most stories can be easily placed into one of several categories. There's even a book written about the subject, The Seven Basic Plots. This is certainly worth being aware of, but is not particularly revelatory. All you've really...
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    Poll: Should The Big Lebowski have compensated The Dude for his soiled rug?

    I'm pretty sure it wasn't am Asian American that shot him in the Korean War. I'm pretty sure it was in fact a man from China.
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    Poll: Implants: Do/would you support them? (Probably NSFW)

    No. But I certainly wouldn't frame it as not letting her do so. That would be inappropriate and kind of creepy. Rather, if I had a girlfriend who decided she wanted to do that, it would mean she wasn't the person that I thought she was. I would never knowingly date the sort of girl who would...
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    Elsa Cosplayer Deadlifts Disease in Incredible Charity Effort

    Also, to be fair, the female record for deadlifting is apparently around 650 lbs, by Becca Swanson. So 405 is certainly impressive, but its not a record. Or anywhere near the male records which appear to all be over 1000 lbs.
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    Check Out These Incredible World of Warcraft Movie Shots

    She was retconned to half Orc and half Draenei years ago. Back in the Burning Crusade for WoW. And for those complaining about sexy orcs: I think she was supposed to be pretty good-looking even waaaay back in Warcraft Orcs and Humans. Which is to say she's been around as long as...
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    Recommend me good "Medieval Era" movies?

    To be fair with regard to Balian's competence, it is mentioned at the beginning of the movie that he has fought in a number of wars in France. And, as he is specifically referred to not just as a blacksmith but as an artificer, I think it's reasonable to assume he would have been employed as a...
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    Check Out These Incredible World of Warcraft Movie Shots

    It just looks so badly done. The orcs especially look so ridiculously out of place. I think this was just a bad idea. Warcraft's style and live action really don't mix well.
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    Uncommon words you use commonly

    Which character were you trying to do? This ?, Edit: Never mind, apparently the answer is yes. And that's quite irritating. It showed up fine in the preview.
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    Uncommon words you use commonly

    I think much of my everyday speech would qualify. Particularly when I am tired, or nervous, I tend to speak with both more careful enunciation and, for whatever reason, an expanded diction; I become quite verbose. I ought to add that, while it's legitimately unintentional initially, I do play it...
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    Are abridged anime series BETTER than the source material?

    Kind of the same for me. It always feels like a stupid kid with ADD or something who can't pay attention to something for more than 5 minutes, and refuses to try to understand or care about what's going on. So instead he just starts making fart noises and repeating snatches of dialogue in a...
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    Recreating magic! scientifically?

    As has been suggested, any type of physics explanation or justification for magic just comes off as silly to anyone who actually knows about it. That being said, if you want your magic to be realistic, and scientifically plausible you could use either technology or chemistry. You can do some...
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    So... What's your sign?

    I'm a Capricorn. And rather amusingly I've always found that my star sign actually fits me pretty well. My main interest in astrology is as a student of medieval history. It's actually quite fascinating how it was all understood to link with Aristotelian thought, the four elements and...
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    Introducing Holoportation, the Future of Human Communication

    Could we, could we just not? Why must the world keep getting lamer? I'm well aware that I am probably in the minority, and especially on this site, but I honestly cannot understand why anyone would want this. It's like our civilization is working harder and harder to climb up our own...