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    Poll: Do you wear jewellery and why?

    I'm a guy and i've got a dive watch. Basically a big block of steel on an elastic band, but it's nice and very practical.
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    Alice Returns to Racoon City in Resident Evil: The Final Chapter Trailer

    You mean that Resident Evil is not to show off Milla Jovovich because she's married to Paul Anderson who writes the movies? And somewhere I read that she stated she does the role because she's allowed to run around in a skimpy dress and hold guns.
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    What's up with friend invites from strangers on facebook

    In that case it appears I'm such an ugly single person that even spambots put considerable efford in avoiding me. Hold on, that's a positive thing right? *I'm off to celebrate the good news for today*
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    Poll: What can't you walk away from

    Being insulted to a point where a physical reply is warranted has not yet happened to me. I'm pretty easy-going and not a pacifist, but there seems to be no need to punch someone over some words, even if they try their best. A couple of things do help, autism filters most of the things out...
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    Poll: Windows 10- Worth It?

    Overhere it works just fine. Some older games (Bastion from GOG) seem to have a bit of an issue with the dotnet 3.5 bit, but that will require some tinkering to get it going (Steam version works just fine.) At work we had a testing rig, but the network protocols seem to have changed just enough...
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    First Official Justice League Pic

    May I request the appearance of J'onn J'onzz, Big Barda and Plastic Man as well? But I have no problems with it when they are introduced later in the movie series. Glad to see we have some Bruce Timm vibe going on here.
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    Ideas for a Death Battle opponent for Saitama

    And Midnighter's friend Apollo who is even stronger, once got vaporized by a stressed out Captain Atom.
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    Scariest villain you've ever seen

    The skeksis from The Dark Crystal are still very creepy. Imagine an 8 feet tall bipedal lizard/vulture mad scientist/politician and you get close. It's about as far away from muppet crazy happy random cuteness as you can get without going into cthulhu territory. Basically the dark side of...
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    Games you like playing, but are bad at?

    I kind of like racing games, Asetto Corsa, Dirt Rally, Project Cars etc. And i'm setting absolute terrible laptimes, even if it's a lot of fun.
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    Error Mr Smith

    And I admire the theoretical existence of the towel that accompanies the bowl of petunias.
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    No Man's Sky Delayed, Death Threats Ensue

    When the game is delayed to flatten some bugs and improving little bits here and there, I'm ok, with that, just try not to delay too much (valve time for reference), but it's not too bad, it's done when it's done, right? Killing a developer that works on a game because it's going to be released...
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    Poll: Eye Care: Glasses, Contacts, not needed?

    Glasses here, mostly because I really don't like contacts and laser eye removal is a bit too much. Also, my left eye doesn't work too well, so depth perception and ball games are a bit out of my league.
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    Latest game to hijack your interest?

    The last couple of days i've gone back to Borderlands and Borderlands 2. Gameplay wise, the second one feels better, otherwise it's just more psycho plinking.
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    The best and worse smell.

    One of the better smells for me is fresh baked bread. The bakery is right around the corner, they start around 4am, so it's a nice wake-up call when the wind is in the right direction. Worst smell, people who are getting a chemo treatment for cancer. It's one of the reasons I really try to...
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    How Do You Inventory? (And, Do You Use Phone Apps?)

    Sometimes I use QR Droid, it scans QR codes and barcodes and turns it into human readable format. Useful for generating your own QR codes based on text or links or anything else you can fit into the entrybox.