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    Prince Phillip dies age 99
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    Biden Lyin' about the bang-bangs

    The assault weapons ban was stupid in 1994 and it's stupid now (and is a huge reason that so many AR15s flooded the market in the 2000s). The problem isn't the guns themselves really, or not having enough gun laws, it's lack of enforcement of current laws. The number one shared trait of...
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    COVID-19 Vaccine to be Available to All Adults by May 1st

    Getting my first shot next week. I wasn't planning on getting it for a while. I'm not in a high risk group and I didn't really feel like waiting in line or trying to fight the appointment website. Then the company I work for bought a load of the pfizer vaccine to vaccinate all employees who...
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    The wall may well be finished as Department of Homeland security considers green lighting finishing Trumps project

    And once again, Biden is just Trump Lite and he and his administration have done literally nothing to prove me wrong.
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    State of Decay

    I don't think anyone liked State of Decay 2. I heard literally nothing good about the game.
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    Best/worst computer brands.

    For those who think Dell's customer service is good, here's another example:
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    What have you purchased recently?

    That wouldn't have a calming effect on me, it would do the opposite.
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    What are you currently playing?

    Just bought Disco Elysium so I'll be starting that tomorrow. I've been holding off on buying the game while waiting for Final Cut to come out, so I'm pretty excited for it.
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    What's the opinion on Fallout 4 now that its been out for a long while?

    Take my opinion with a grain of salt because I have not played Fallout 4, but when the game was released my interest in it tanked because of a couple of things. So I'm not sure I'm allowed to have an opinion on the game as I have not actually played it, but I will give you the reasons I've never...
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    Best/worst computer brands.

    Does HP completely skimp on padding when shipping their systems? I've heard nothing but horror stories that only seem to make sense if they send all their PC in cardboard boxes with no foam.
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    Choo choo! All aboard the Complain Train!

    Why is it unprofessional in your eyes to tell people what you want to be called? Is it any different than signing your name Bill instead of William if you want to be called Bill?
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    Best/worst computer brands.

    I like how you included Linus's videos when talking about Dell's support when Dell completely ripped Linus off in their prebuilt in the last secret shopper. Don't buy shit from Dell.
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    Choo choo! All aboard the Complain Train!

    Old liquid bandage was just super glue.
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    Choo choo! All aboard the Complain Train!

    If Sam is CC'd on an email in which I am talking about him I would rather say "I spoke to Sam and he said that he could..." rather than 'I spoke to Sam and Sam said that Sam could..." So yeah, if someone has preferred pronouns that they want people to use for them it's a lot easier if they have...