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    Hey guys, I'm a furry

    Cool :)
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    Favorite Anime Opening

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    I don't really WANT to get an XBone, but...

    If it was between the Consoles, I'd go for a PS4 but that's only because I've always leaned toward a PS4. But if all 3, PC all the way and I say that not as a PC Elitist or something like that. Spent a little bit of money and built one from the ground up. It's not just the fact that you have...
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    Mass Effect 3: Retaliation Arrives Next Week

    It's Free, Can't complain though the damn grinding to unlock everything is going to be, YET another hassle -.-. I mean come on, I've been playing a little every week, I want that damn N7 Fury and that N7 Typhoon, but like I said, "Free" so... it's ok I guess.
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    Our Little Pony

    For the Cons, I've seen a good number of females at these things. I kinda find it funny people think it's 100% male cons or something. As for the comic, I'm confused what the message or what they were going for... :|
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    The Big Picture: Worlds Within Worlds

    Well this is defiantly the "BIGGEST" Picture I've seen a long time. Now I'm thinking about life and the plain of existence for some odd reason.
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    Trailers: Mass Effect 3: Earth DLC Trailer

    I'd be more excited if this didn't mean I'd have to buy more of those packs to unlock the damn things I downloaded for "free" -.- Ehhh, I guess beggars can't be choosers.
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    E3 Preview: SimCity (2013)

    The more and more I read about this game, the more and more I'm afraid. I've been waiting for a new Sim City for so long please, please don't let it become what I think it is, a simplified SimCity Societies. And the online 24/7 thing is just pure bullsugar, Simcity was always one of those...
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    Trailers: Mass Effect 3 - Rebellion Trailer

    I'm I the only one hoping for Jade Empire 2? yeah... Alright Moving on topic I'm glad it's free but I'm getting tired of the grinding I gotta do to get the characters and weapons in those packs.
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    Escape to the Movies: Battleship

    I was kinda with Bob on this one, I was rooting for this movie to be good. But I will say I'm glad the Navy got some spotlight. I was going to pass this up, but the whole bit about "Ageing vets rearming a Battleship to help fight" Kinda makes me wanna go see it, just for that part! XD
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    The Big Picture: One Day in November

    This episode really did feel like a Big Picture I never would of thought. But moving on, I honestly don't see what the big deal is in voting or not voting. It's a short process and I have heard of some businesses and places of work that will give you an hour off work (paid and not taken off your...
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    Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Launch Info Leaks Early

    IDK the forums and threads are already blowing up with, "don't cares and cue COD drama" But I have to say I personally look forward to it. Treyarch has always made good games IMO and I look forward to it, as a Gamer not a FPS/COD Fanboy stereotype.
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    Free Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer DLC Coming Next Week

    Update : Just downloaded the DLC WHAT? I still have to play and buy those random packs to unlock the characters??? ...I would rage, but it was free soooooooo... it's not so bad?
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    Escape to the Movies: The Raid

    Awesome, I'm sure in a few weeks it'll be on Netflix but "The Raid" might be a movie I need to see in the theater, like, Right now! On the topic of AP: During that first minute in the AP Rant I kinda fell like that guy that is being yelled at about a topic and I'm wided eyed going 0.0 "Ok...
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    Free Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer DLC Coming Next Week

    WONDERFUL NEWS!!! All we need now is the Hanar Sentinel Volus Engineer Elcor Warrior Vorcha Vanguard