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    Looking back on old games you've haven't played in years.

    So I found some time to look back at another game I hadn't played in nearly 20 years. Jumping Flash! for the PS1. I found the game to hold up surprisingly well. Especially since it's a FPS on a console before dual analog control and has a heavy platforming element to it. I did a video about it...
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    Dave Make Game - Month 1 - My attempt to make a game.

    For many years I've been tinkering with various game making/editing programs. From RPG Maker on the PS1 to QuArk to GameMaker, etc. I've never completed a project. This needs to change. I found that it motivates me to make things public and release things on some sort of schedule, so I'm trying...
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    Looking back on old games you've haven't played in years.

    One of my favorite things to do as I get older is to look back at games that I played when younger and dispel my nostalgia. Recently I decided to see how a little game called "Omega Boost" holds up. Well, "holds up" isn't really the best phrase. How the game actually is instead of how I remember...
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    LoadingReadyRun: Job Security

    This reminded me a lot of Henchmen 21 and 24 from the Venture Bros. Good stuff.
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    BioWare Still Unsure About Tali Reveal

    Those are exactly my thoughts.
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    Final Fantasy XIII-2 Screens Show New Character, Similar Battle System

    Honestly thought that Noel was Fang in the first screen shot.
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    Escapist Podcast: 004: The Witcher 2 & LA Noire

    On the topic of nostalgia making games seem better. I've actually been testing this out over the years. It made me realize that Super Mario Bros games were never really any good, or rather that I never really enjoy them. But I also find that a lot of games still hold up. For example, I...
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    Supernova Sonata Makes Music From the Stars

    Well that's pretty cool. It's not really a sonata though. However if it was actually in sonata form, that would be a real crazy coincidence.
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    IKEA Manuals Demonstrate How to Build Sci-Fi Staples

    The Tardis one is pretty damned amazing. I like how you need infinite dowels.
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    Prop Maker Builds Incredible Talking Portal Turret

    It's missing some of the key text decals that the ones in the game have, but this is still pretty awesome.
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    Giant Bomb is down!!! D:

    Wow... I can't believe people don't know about Giant Bomb. I wonder what's wrong with Whiskey Media though. I hope things are back soon!
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    Gabe Newell Sends Out Portal 2 ARG Email Blast

    I'm thinking it's not Glados who wrote that, but a one Mr. Cave Johnson!
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    Unskippable: Front Mission Evolved

    I like how the NYC orbital Elevator is actually in New Jersey according to the map. heh.
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    Daily Drop: GameBoy

    That Gameboy are not surprisingly more durable then that 360 you guys dropped.
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    New Hawken Trailer Will Blow You Away

    This game would look a lot better if the mechs weren't the same color as the buildings. The whole look to the game has a way to monochromatic under saturated looked that makes it very difficult to tell what's what and who's who. I don't like how the developer's solution to this is just putting a...