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    Your most anticipated game(s) at the moment.

    1 - The division (For obvious reasons) 2 - Batman 3 - Destiny 4 - Timesplitters rewind... i have a long wait 5 - dragons age
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    Crytek: There Isn't Enough Interest in TimeSplitters 4

    To those at Crytek... I LOVE TIMESPLITTERS. I have been demanding number 4 for years now. Who doesnt want a fun, humour filled fast paced shooter with memorable characters and gameplay....
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    Zero Punctuation: Spec Ops: The Line

    Well that was depressing. Cut ALL the wrists!
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    LoadingReadyRun: Find My Friends

    I swear my friend has this app... I've learnt to turn off my phone now. Although saying that it does give me the oppertunity to say the epic line "I can't talk right now, im going into a tunnel"
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    So, my girlfriend is in porn and I don't know what to do.

    Is she any good at sex? If she isnt it's safe to say she most likely isnt a porn star.
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    Feed Dump: Nightflight to Venus

    Raging coin boner right now. I wants
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    Zero Punctuation: Silent Hill: Downpour

    It's weird im watching "two best friends" play through this and their views are the exact oppisit.
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    Feed Dump: Commentary All Stars

    MORGAN?! On my interwebs? Time to take my medication.
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    Doomsday Arcade: Episode 25: Series Finale

    I came back after nearly 2 years to watch this slice of legend pizza.
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    Feed Dump: Hot Nurses and Pregnant Chimps

    Poor Graham, it looks like if he was alone for a week he may go crazy. On the plus side we would have some epic videos to watch
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    (Alleged) Pros at Cons

    aww man i would love to go see you guys at a Con. Shame you don't live in the UK =[
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    Now it's Filesonic, the witch hunt was officialy begin.

    Please for the love of god don't take down Zippyshare & Rapidshare D:
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    LoadingReadyRun: Santa and Me

    That was just too brilliant.. Thank you!
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    Children Become Voice Actors in Hilarious Dragon Age Video

    Aww cute =] but.. CHEESE! Fuck yeah..
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    Google Street View Now an FPS - UPDATED

    Is it bad the first place i wanted to shoot up was my university? I mean come ON.. its not like im training to be a terrorist or anything lol Il just go shoot up my parents house instead..