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    Concerning female characters

    i agree with you-by "believable caharacters," i mean those that are NOT stereotypes. the world is a lot stranger than all that. i find fictional characters unbelievable when the author, given the huge range of the human imagination, writes another stoic male protagonist and his...
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    Concerning female characters

    my issue with this argument is that it's usually tossed out there as a catch-all when the writer doesn't have a good enough understanding of women, minorities, the mentally ill, etc., to write diverse and believable characters. i'm not saying that's where the OP is coming from with this, but...
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    How alike are you and your siblings?

    my sister and i have a similar age difference to the OP and her sister, but we never went through the same phases or had similar interests as far as i can remember. we get along well, though, even though we've never been alike. out of all my siblings, the one who is most like me is my little...
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    i find myself halfway jealous of you. i've barely been single since i was 13 (i'll be 23 next week), and i regret almost all of those relationships. i didn't know myself well enough to choose well, and when i finally got to that point, i had so many bad experiences i spectacularly messed up...
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    Should Feminism and Gaming Mix?

    treating all people equally will never be a bad thing, no. and treating everyone equally will never stop being necessary. can i ask why the desire for equality and the actions people take that are motivated by that desire is apparently seen by you as a bad or unnecessary thing as soon as the...
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    Should Feminism and Gaming Mix?

    until there is no longer such a question as "does feminism belong in (thing)?" the answer will be YES.
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    Your username

    "the Divine Miss Bee" is what my mother used to call me when i would act especially spoiled as a kid. i acted like i liked it because it used to bother me, but eventually i did start to like it for real. now it's my name for everything.
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    Poll: New Doctor Who - what should they change?

    it would be interesting to see a female doctor, but i doubt that time-lord gender-bending is a thing. though i heard billie piper's supposed to be back for a couple of episodes this next season, and watching rose react to the man she loved becoming a woman would be hilarious to me, considering...
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    What do you Own That's Turned Heads?

    i have a blue dress painted to look like the TARDIS that i don't just reserve for conventions. i get stared at a lot when i wear it. and my hair is always a weird color, if that counts as a thing i "own."
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    Come Up with Achievements for XBone TV

    achievement unlocked: "mom, don't touch my stuff." if you don't get it hooked up right on the first try.
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    I don't understand male virgin shaming.

    check your math, kid. your philosophy up there boils down to this: in order to make the numbers match up (men must have ALL the sex, females must have none!), we need to create a society of exclusively homosexual male couples. i admire the spirit of progressiveness and acceptance you're...
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    The strangest thing a teacher ever told you about themselves

    my freshman year of high school, i walked into my first period bio class and met my homeroom teacher. this is the man who was tasked with setting the tone for my entire high school experience. so he talked about how he was kidnapped by aliens and how they busted him out of the mental...
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    Poll: Who here prefers Video Games to Sex?

    wow, where do you get that? i'm quite curious. the only tone i had in mind was the tone of "if you're picking pixels over human interaction, you are having bad interactions." there is no video game that has brought me to orgasm, so i pick sex. if video games are enough for you, that's...
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    Poll: Who here prefers Video Games to Sex?

    as of this post, 79 escapists have never had great sex. my sympathies. i love games, a lot. gaming is the only hobby i've kept up for over 15 years. but i still pick sex every time.
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    Poll: Is your virginity worth saving?

    lgbt phobic? if the person identifies as a woman, she's a woman. that's not lgbt-phobic. and seeing as i'm a lesbian with an intersexed twin, i doubt i'd be overtly or subconsciously homophobic...perhaps it's one of those things wherein the homophobes tell us what to be offended about? like...