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    Square Enix Got Sephiroth In Your Beatmania

    This sounds really cool, and I will probably buy if I ever get a 3DS. However, no matter how god-tier some people believe Sephiroth to be, he will never be able to touch the insanity of Himiko [B] on beatmania IIDX 16. Just sayin'. Can't wait for more info!
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    Worst Book You've Read for School

    The book that no one seems to place is called "The Lottery Rose." I had to read that for a book club once... pretty dull read. My two all time least favorite books in school where both for my 11th grade AP English I class. Utopia by Thomas More and Utilitarianism by John Stuart Mill. They...
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    Game Dogs: Episode Four: Satan

    I still want to know why people show up week after week after saying they will never watch this any more and complain yet AGAIN about how much they don't like the show. Also, I'm not sure how the furry argument plays into it because isn't the definition of a "Furry" someone that derives...
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    Take The Escapist Ghosts Quiz!

    Glad Fatal Frame didn't get left out. It's definitely the epitome of a good ghost game. I think ghosts are real because there is just too much crap going on for there not to be SOMETHING behind all of it. Also, I live with a family of skeptics, so disagreeing with them is kinda fun.
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    Game Dogs: Pilot Episode: D&D Kills

    I laughed a couple times. Good work on a pilot episode. Will watch more :D I don't get why everyone is flipping out about the anthropomorphic art. I mean, sure it might be a little gimmicky, but is it THAT big of a deal in the big scheme of things? Also, presence of anthro art does not...
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    You Don't Scare Me

    My favorite games of horror have got to be the Fatal Frame franchise. Let's take a quick run-through. FATAL FRAME: Second-scariest. My first fatal frame game and had plenty of cheap scares and tense moments. Lemme just say this. The appearance of Blinded as a capture ghost in the Rubble...
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    Hunt Ghosts in Real Life With Ghostwire and the DSi

    If it makes you take pictures of them, I'm calling it a Fatal Frame ripoff. However, a very well-done ripoff at that. My friend has a DSi. He might pick it up.
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    When Endings Go Bad

    Any PS2 Fatal Frame ending in the whole freaking series minus the extra ending in Fatal Frame 3. Lets take a quick run-through: FATAL FRAME 1: FATAL FRAME 2: FATAL FRAME 3: However, Xbox gamers got an extra ending in Fatal Frame 2 that is happy.
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    The Hard Problem: Dynamic Content

    KONAMI's new Silent Hill game has a similar adaptive experience that they are implementing into the game. It adapts to the way you play to find the best way to freak you out.