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    Zero Punctuation: Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII

    One of the best ZPs I've seen in a long time. Good form, sir.
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    Monster Hunter 4G Announced For Nintendo 3DS

    That's cool. Shame about the whole region locking issue or I'd just buy the Japanese version again. Buuuuuut Nintendo seem to be intent on running themselves into the ground, so *shrug*... If they do release an English one I will be first aboard the pre-order train.
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    New Japanese-Developed Bra Only Opens When a Woman is "In Love"

    ...alright, how long before someone develops an app sending out signals to all bras in local area, unhooking all of them in unison?
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    New Japanese-Developed Bra Only Opens When a Woman is "In Love"

    And if that's not the hook for the next creepy hentai film, I really don't know what is...
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    Dev: King Made a "Blatant Clone" of Our Game

    Eh. Hopefully everyone will see how douchey this company is and simply stop buying their products. Let them die a dog's (Zynga's) death.
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    Escapist News Now: Elder Scrolls Online A-List Voice Cast

    Probably doesn't need that level of acting, but since voicing is a complaint in all of the games so far, it's nice to see them going big. Studios spending big money is how they let us know that they care :P
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    Exploring Cambodia's "Tomb Raider Temple" it just me, or is this EXACT empty in one of the Uncharted games? I think it's Golden Abyss for the Vita...
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    Thief PC Requirements Revealed

    Surprised it's supporting Vista still. Would have thought that obsolete at this point considering 7 sold well and 8 is... out... Is this the done thing? How long is Vista likely to be supported?
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    Hewlett Packard Promotes Windows 7 On New PCs

    The main issue with Windows 8 is that it is idiot-proof to a fault. If you try to do anything clever, technical or particularly intensive, it shits itself. Stick to 7 if you want your computer to stay user-friendly.
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    Square Enix Sale: Tomb Raider, FFVIII, Sleeping Dogs All Under $10

    I got momentarily excited by this, but since it's still basically identical to (and in some points worse than, like that Silent Hill HD atrocity,) the original, I'll pass. I have it on the Vita anyway, and all I really want is to play Triple Triad. Please somebody make a multiplayer TT game. I...
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    Resident Evil Ultimate HD Edition Coming to Steam in February -UPDATED

    Eh, while this is one of my favourite games of all time, I own it on the PS2 and PS3, and I don't see them adding anything, short of KMB that makes it different at this point. If it looked like TLoU, I would buy it in an instant, but a lot of the HD releases we're getting these days don't really...
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    Alienware Steam Machines Can't Be Upgraded

    Well my reaction to this was pretty much a chortle, followed by the words "cheeky" and "f******"... :P Oh Alienware, you are you silly.
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    Kojima Reveals Figurine Prototype of Metal Gear Solid V's Quiet

    Gonna take some reaaaaaaaaal convincing to see this as being in any way beneficial to being a sniper... Kojima, stop trying so hard to be liked, and just make a game out of a goddamn game.
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    Windows XP Phaseout Puts 13 Million Japanese PCs at Risk

    Yeah, I was working at a town office in Wakayama for three years... First day I sat down to my desk and booted my laptop. "Holy balls it's XP..." I looked for in my desk for a portable disk drive to load a textbook onto my machine. "Holy monkey balls, this thing still eats floppy disks"...
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    Escapist News Now: The Last of Us DLC Left Behind Release Date

    Dude, you look proper stiff. Relax. Gesticulate. Just have fun... :)