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    Meet the SteamDeck Really not sure how to feel about this, I would need to play with it first before making any 100% opinions on it.
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    The Worst Game Trailers

    I think trailers with no gameplay are fine. The only reason that Dead Island trailer is a problem is because, well, Dead Island isn't that great. Remember the Left 4 Dead trailer?
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    Times you lost or almost lost all progress in a game.

    My brother deleted my 98% complete Lego Star Wars DS save file when I was a kid. He also did the same with my 99.9% complete Starfy save file too.
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    Game, its not me, its you.

    It's so unfortunate that every game is teed up to be potentially ruined by the developers choices and there's nothing we as the consumer can do to prevent it. It should be a crime for a developer to update a game you own, offer no recourse for going back, and say "Well, you either play the game...
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    What Fictional World Would You Pick.....

    I think I could get by living in Cyrodill from TESIV. Live a nice calm life in Bruma, or Chorrol.
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    What was the last game that you bought?

    I think it was Roboquest. Fast paced rogue-lite shooter. Really really good. It's missing some longevity features, so I haven't played in a while, but it's incredibly fun.
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    Now that the Steam Winter Sale is over, what all did everybody here get?

    Black Mesa is a great one. Probably the most impressible remaster I've ever played/
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    A Game Mode Or Mechanic You'D Like To See In Your Favorite Games

    It would probably fit right in with games like Rising Storm and Red Orchestra. They have bodily damage, but it plays very little into the actual gameplay usually.
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    A Game Mode Or Mechanic You'D Like To See In Your Favorite Games

    More reaction to bodily damage, in both multiplayer and singleplayer shooters. You get shot in the legs, your character is limping now. But it's not just, hey, you're slower now. You hobble, your vision bobbing as you move, your aim is worse when you move, your gun swaying heavily. Getting...
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    Now that the Steam Winter Sale is over, what all did everybody here get?

    Personally, I got lots of good stuff. My friends and I all did quite the gift exchange, so I walked away with Metro Exodus, Prodeus, Ghostrunner, Deep Rock Galactic, Risk of Rain 2, Viscera Cleanup Detail, Roboquest, and Overload. What did you guys get?
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    Your video game hot take(s) thread

    Are you trying to say that Arena FPS put too much emphasis on the Arena, while modern day shooters do less so? You might certainly have a point, to an extent. I've never thought much of it, and I would have no explanation for it, but shooters seem to more and more push away from the...
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    Your video game hot take(s) thread

    Every online AFPS goes through the same phases of life. I've noticed the trend enough to identify it, and it happens every time. Phase 1: Excited enthusiasm. This is the time! It's the revival of AFPS and Quake like shooters! This game has X Y Z, so I'm sure it'll garner attention! Phase 2...
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    KFC's Console

    Until it inevitably breaks in about a year, like all Razer products, kek
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    KFC's Console

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    Great game music.