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    I propose we work to end the hatred of the Fedora

    Thats what I thought when I came here! Its not "We end the fedora hate!" but rather "Can we?". But I propose that we should bring back the ruff! Now that's style
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    Humoring the Internet

    I humoured the internet a lot more than I thought I did, now that I sat down and did a count. It was because of the internet that I watched Attack on Titan, Bravest Warriors, Adventure Time, Phineas and Ferb, Gravity Falls and My Little Pony, but those seem to be some common answers. On top...
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    Aversion to Children

    I have to agree with you, as terrible as people think I am for it, I'm not much of a fan of children, especially toddlers (to the people who will reply, I don't specifically mean your kid, I'm sure they're wonderful). They're just annoying, sticky, smelly, obnoxious, dirty and often times...
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    The Depressing Thread

    Funny you posted this today, I just found an article an hour ago saying that one of my favourite comedians, John Pinette, died today []. I dont know how many fans of his are on The Escapist so it might...
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    Facebook Buys The Escapist for $90 Million - Update

    HA! ok I was expecting some kind of April Fools thing, but that was still really funny. This comment is why I shouldnt drink while reading comments
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    Report: Yahoo Considers Creating Its Own Version of YouTube

    So they're looking to have a video player that no one will use as well? I'll admit youtube has a ton of problems, but I doubt people will even know yahoo video exists when they release it. Though I do like the idea of Youtube getting challenged (try pulling the same shit they are now when...
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    What's the worst thing you've ever seen on the internet.

    Ya I think I saw that video too, really messed up. I've also seen a video titled "the worlds fastest decapitation" and a small dog being lit on fire. All three times started the same way, I read about them in an article, let my curiosity get the better of me, find the video, swear that I'll...
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    Man Hospitalized After Zelda Sword Stabbing

    HA, oh man you made me actually, legitimately "Lol". I really shouldnt read these in class. But this is a great story, that guy defiantly had the triforce of courage to stand up to that guy. But since his girlfriend invited her ex husband over, I cant say that she had the triforce of wisdom.
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    Common Sci-Fi tropes that annoy you!

    I wasn't going to post (everything was either already posted, or not worth saying), but then I read your post and I have to agree with you. Like how in Mass Effect the guns all seem to be designed for humans, so when a large, bulky krogan holds an assault rifle it looks like its awkward for...
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    How alike are you and your siblings?

    My sister and I are about as different as you can get, the manifestation of yin and yang. There seems to be a "golden rule" with very few exceptions where we like what the other dislikes. Here is a list of what I'm trying to say: (the obvious one first) She's a girl, I'm a boy She's blond...
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    What is... The coolest thing you THINK you own?

    There are a few things I really think are cool, but if I had to choose, I'd say the coolest thing I have is a few chunks of coral that I got from a friend of mine. He got them in the 60-70's, so they're older than I am, and not to mention that removing coral is illegal now, so its...
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    Should we have sympathy for flood victims?

    Well damn... I was going to post, but I dont know what to add now. I suppose I could make an analogy about how I'd still have sympathy for people people who've been injured/killed in a car crash (or who even if they just lost their car) when they chose to drive on a notorious highway
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    Does anyone still like Naruto?

    Hey! that's what I was going to say! I started watching Naruto during the original series, but now I'm just committed to see it through to the end. But holy hell is it dragging on. My feelings about the show now? I dont really like Naruto, but I don't dislike Naruto, I'm just indifferent...
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    Guardians of the Galaxy: Next big thing or the next big flop?

    I dont want to write it off just yet, but I am worried that it may be to "comic book weird" for the average movie goer. I know I'm going to hear a bunch of comments about that "Talking raccoon and tree-thing" Actually, that's a good point. Marvel has had a pretty good track record with their...
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    How Would You React If The Internet Went Down?

    I would probably just sit there and stare at my computer screen, I'd be lost without internet. So basically I would be as productive and useful as my modem would be without internet.