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    Square Enix Wants Dragon Quest X to Leave Japan

    Japan can keep DQ10. They completely switch over from sony to nintendo then make a must have multiplayer experience(9) and then an MMO(10). When I was younger I wanted to buy ever FF and DQ game they where ever going to make as long as I lived now I can't envision myself buying one ever again.
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    Geekend Update: Solar Storms, Artificial Bug Eyes, and Smallest Movie Ever

    Anything done randomly has the problem of being random especially when your thinking about the detail. I mean look at elder scrolls the caves are basically "random" but devs still do tweaks throughout it to cover every eventuality in the random part, so now you have a much larger scale to...
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    So I just started going for morning runs.

    Definitely I decided I was tired of my asthma and wanted to get better at soccer so I started running. Before travel soccer started up I was running 5 miles every other day. After that asthma was a joke to me, and any attack was a minor annoyance at worst. Now Endurance wise I'm not in as good a...
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    Is a Marvel vs DC movie possible?

    Sure a decade from now when their respective series's have both gone the way of predator and alien or Freddy and Jason. At which point what do they have to lose... expect for our respect at the awfulness of clashing these separately crafted narratives into some mismatch for videogames or comics...
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    food advice for exercise

    Tiredness while working out, in my case, is usually caused by lack of sleep, not having a good meal earlier in the day, or boredom. The first one is self explanatory get 7 to 8 hours of sleep. The second one, I don't usually eat before I exercise but I make sure to have a decent meal 3 hours or...
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    Very Awkward Situation with Parents

    Never been in this situation before but if it's like other call and get charged things there will be a separate charge that will have to be explained. Like if you don't have a data plan say a friend sent you a picture on your phone or they are on a different service and you got charged. Now...
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    Geekend Update: Solar Storms, Artificial Bug Eyes, and Smallest Movie Ever

    I imagine it would take a whole major developer's company years till fill up even a fraction of that storage. Goes to show us humans will be the limiting factor for this kind of technology for the foreseeable future, you know until we invent an AI with creativity on par with lord british.
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    Movie Trailers: Hammer of the Gods - Official Trailer

    Naaa they're cashing in on the Viking crazy made by the history channel. Though to be honest this movie could be about any barbarian-esque warrior nation.... having said that they should have made it about the mongols. I don't think I've ever seen a movie where Genghis Khan is a hero, that would...
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    A Closer Look at Dragon's Crown's Cast

    I feel like the only reason this game is getting any attention is because of the gender issues. I mean seriously this game would fade into obscurity if not for everyone throwing a ***** fit about disproportional characters.
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    is sherlock holmes now redundant?

    I've watched a couple episodes of elementary and I have to say I don't like it that much. But that might be because I saw the british show sherlock before watching elementary. Watch Sherlock, that is what a modern day holmes would be. Also having watched a lot of CSI and Law&Order there is...
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    Jeff Hanneman died.

    I've always been a bigger fan of metallica or megadeth but always respected slayer as one of the big 4 of thrash. And the weirdest thing the liver failure might not have been to overuse of alcohol or drugs but complications from a spider bite years ago. Not a way you'd expect a founding memeber...
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    Possibly ending a friendship

    I'd have a hard time knowing that he'd still be doing the heavier drug use and still have a kid. I'd try to help but if he is dealing to make money you don't want to be around that if shit ever gets bad. If you can't convince him to change his ways then yeah I'd say cut contact for your own...
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    Nintendo Urges Wii Owners to Please, Please Upgrade

    Nintendo you fucked yourself last cycle by putting out a cheap piece of everyone join in. Now if you don't do it over and over again your not going to "win" this generation again. Why the hell is mom, grandma, and the kids go out and get a piece of hardware that doesn't cater to what they...
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    Where I live there isn't much chance of any of those things. Fires are usually contained here, though possible for my apartment building but I don't see myself needing to survive for even 30 minutes without a cop or fireman there. Flooding also not a concern here not since they built a flood...
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    What is your passion?

    Bio-medical engineering. Things I hated like circuits or mechanics pissed me off when I was doing normal engineering but now that I'm in BME there is a purpose behind it all. My true passion though is tissue and biomaterials engineering. It may seem weird but I could look at articles on hydrogel...