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    PC Gamers - help a complete noob!

    I ran FO3 on a similar computer. You might only be able to run it on medium settings, but it should work just fine. Have fun,its an awesome game, and if you like it, try New Vages, its even better.
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    Favourite Books

    I must say, You people are gentlemen of fine taste. Kinda redundant to add anything, all the books I like were already metioned.
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    Poll: Do you believe in aliens?

    I belive they exist. Somewhere out there in the vast distences of space. Its just too big for us to be alone. I don't think we made contact with them, and who knows if we ever will. I hope so.
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    Poll: Would you harbor a nazi?

    I see your point, but you need to understand that's to me its personal. Because of these people, I have no extended family, and my people, already few, are about half of what they could have been. This isn't about justice for me, it's about vengeance. To teach those who would come after that...
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    Poll: Would you harbor a nazi?

    No forgiveness for Nazis. It's as simple as that. I talked to holocaust survivors. I've seen the numbers. No amount of good deeds could ever fix what the Nazis, and especially the officers, did. No redemption for them, in this life, or any other.
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    Top 5 Favorite Bioware Characters

    Irenicus is to this day my favorite villian in any game. I think its his voice that tips the scale, its just so awesome. Beside him, the BG series takes most of my top 5, with Minsc,Jan Janson and Imoen. HK47 from Kotor wraps it up.
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    Uwe Boll makes Auschwitz film.

    Someone should deliver a swift kick to Mr Boll's groin. What an asshat.
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    Worst parts of the best games

    The whole labyrinth part in Vampire:Bloodlines. It was just pointless, and quite hard if you didn't have a combat oriented character.
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    Doraleous and Associates: Episode 27: Neebs Vs. Titanus

    Neebs finally got punched in the face. Nothing else matters. Also, PUNMAGEDDON!!!
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    Escapist News Network: Blizzard Warning

    I for once embrace our new Blizzard overlords! All hail Blizzard! ( Please don't cut my internet, I need it for my...interests...).
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    Poll: Replacement for the M16?

    Well, the Israeli's are currently replacing the M16 with the TAR-21, or Tavor. The gun had showed to be more accurate and reliable then the M4 in field testing (Looks pretty badass too).
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    "Journalist" Who Wrote Fake GTA Story Ridicules Gamers

    I think by this point we all learned to expect anything from the tabloids... although it seems the Daily Star is more like toilet paper.
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    Dragon Age 2... WTF???

    I think its a little to early to judge it now, although I was hoping for a chance to play with my DA:O warden. Kinda disappointed me there.
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    Aliens life discovered on Titan, interpretations.

    If there is life on Titan, it leaves us only one possible option. Nuke'em! All kidding aside, we can only hope.
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    Shows how small we are right...

    It's utterly terrifying, and amazingly beautiful at the same time. What a strange and wondrous universe we live in.