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    It's Old Flames Only in Mass Effect 3, Says BioWare [UPDATED]

    I don't get this term "betrayal". Especially since the game is structured in a such way that you can't do it even if you wanted to. How the story goes you may have affections to several people, but you can't get serious with them till the end of the game. And right before that you have to make a...
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    What if We Leveled Backwards?!

    You are Wrong! (edit: after reading the whole thing) You are Wrong in so many levels. Mind you I do watch your show and enjoy reading your column for being smart and cynical. Yet when sometimes people talk shit they need to be called on. And today you are Stupid. Let me explain: A single...
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    Woman Claims to Own the Sun

    Well if she owns the Sun, then she must also be liable for all sun radiation related deseases, wild forest fires, and heat strokes. Let's see who'll be the first to sue her.
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    Square Attempts to Explain Final Fantasy XIV's Foibles

    don't get why you blame it on the controls. Take the buy-sell mechanics. Having 50 useless items in your inventory is plain bad design decision. Even WoW is slowly transitioning into giving you points instead of random items. On the same note crafting doesn?t have to be about gathering scraps...
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    StarCraft 2 Sets New Mark for Piracy

    This is a big problem. Especially since one of the reasons for puting 2.0 was to remove piracy. I would also love to see some distribution map on these torrents. As it will be interesting to know how the Russian & South American pricing model worked out. My biggest concern though has...
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    Wait... what? I won?

    I complicated puzzle game where you need to pick the correct sequence. I just mashed some buttons, so I can get back into the main menu and actualy read the instructions. But instead I got the "Congratulations!" sign. My second try took me a good half an hour.
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    Artemis: Multiplayer Mayhem on a Starship Bridge

    There are a lot of design problems with this game concept. The key one being - Fun for every player. Then again Puzzle Pirates! managed to do it.
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    Question of the Day, November 10, 2010

    I barely play any non-multiplayer games. When boot my PC first thing is I check skype and log into some games to get the friends list to se what my mates are playing. It's way more fun to play and chat especialy since teh conversations end up with nothing to do with teh game. Come to think of it...
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    Australian News Site Makes Hilarious Star Trek Apology

    The article is boring, but oh boy, just scroll down to the comments.
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    WoW Red Shirt Guy Gets Auto-Tuned

    Further to prove musicians are the most creative guys. Kudos to them.
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    Man Goes to Jail for Being an Internet Troll

    Why should he get speccial preferences for commiting a crime over internet? This is just a proof that the system works as long as there are concious people. It is also unethical to comment to the severity of the punnishment whithout knowing the full facts and cort proceedings. But from the...
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    Columnist Deems Enslaved Racially Insensitive

    Not sure what I was expecting to read, but it did make as much sense as eels, screws and egg-yoke in a jar.
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    Worst Thing About Gaming is Other Gamers, Says NBA Jam Developer

    I'm sick and tired of ignorant, monkey ball, ass whiped developers telling me how I should play their game and how I should behave online. This kind of hypokrite, elitist, bolshevik carp is what brings bad name to gamers. How can we expect to have respect from the outside when the people in the...
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    Players Only Able to Rent Black Ops Servers

    That's not really a solution is it? As GameServers hold the exclusivity rights you still have no choice if you don't like their service. And if you experience lag, connection or any other issues you still need to get through long waiting times on tech support, wait for fixes, downtime, etc...
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    Valve: Xbox Live Rules are a "Train Wreck"

    This is what I don't get about XBox live users. You are paying for the service, you should be demanding free patches on a regular basis.