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    Crysis 2 Review

    ?One of the most enjoyable shooters I?ve played in several months.?? Really? In months? How noncommittal can you get? That?s like saying, ?Hey Dorothy, you?re one of the hottest girls I?ve kissed in months.? What does ?one of? mean? Do you mean one of the ten best shooters, one hundred...
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    Trailers: Dead Island Trailer

    That was the best trailer for a videogame that I have ever seen. Tragic, sad, visceral and zombie. It was so strange how showing horrific acts of violence makes it not as grotesque as it otherwise would have been.
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    Review: Killzone 3

    Nit Pick "The cinematography is just breathtaking". You're thinking of art direction. Cinematography is the art of using a camera to capture the world around them. For example, True Grit is nominated for best cinematography and just might win. There are hundreds of films...
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    Daily Drop: Foot Lamp

    Drop a lava lamp.
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    Review: Michael Jackson The Experience

    Not a good review, Greg. Men like you need to stop thinking that all games are just for men/men-children. You went on and on as if every single person who will ever buy this game will be male. A little confusing since it appeared it was just you and women playing. You need to get over the...
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    Daily Drop: Ground Coffee

    Should have put a spike or something that would have ripped it open on impact.
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    Escapist News Network: More Room to Grow

    Great video. I think I can now justify getting a loft or shrinking myself down to a much more registrable size. And Kathleen is amazing.
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    Daily Drop: Pumpkin Votive

    Would have been epic if the pumpkin was filled with water.
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    Dead Rising 2

    Yahtzee, is there a difference between DR2 not telling you its secrets and Brutal Legend being tight lipped? You seemed to have hated that aspect in the later.
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    Daily Drop: Eggs

    Best one yet. You should blow up a GI Joe with a fire cracker next time, or something that involves a slow motion explosion and GI Joe.
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    Hideo Kojima and Women

    MGS4 let you zoom in on a cutscene. I thought it was so creepy those times that when there was a woman on screen the camera would zoom in by itself. The fun of having the ability to zoom in makes you feel like a perv zooming in on someone's breasts. When the game does it for you then it makes...
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    Extra Credits: No Redeeming Value

    Great video. I always like it when someone deconstructs a story, and I think we all learn from it. I disagree with the criticism about the change in perspective from third person to third person. Just because it does not happen much, does not mean it does not work and shouldn't be tried. I...
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    LoadingReadyRun: Bad News

    Good idea about having it around the point of view of the final boses and how they never realize that they're going to die. Also, really good use of lighting in the scene.
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    LoadingReadyRun: Videogame Fighting Tournament

    Good acting, Graham. You do a really convincing frazzled.