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    Poll: Sound of Silence...Which Version is Better?

    Genuinely, I came here thinking it was between the two Simon and garfunkle versions, and I completely agree that the original original is better; it's more stripped down, eerie and haunting. No contest that either version kicks disturbed
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    How are all you Escapebrits beating the heat?

    What's the point of air-con when you'd use it 5 days out of 365? Makes perfect sense that it's not really that common in the UK. OT: I'm actually in LA on holiday at the moment, temperature's around 30 here too, so it's hardly cooler, but this being America there is air con so I'm surviving...
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    Would you ever let people roast you?

    Give that 90% of my humour is centred around roasting myself (with the rest being 5% dark shit, and 5% dick jokes) I don't really have an issue with others doing it to me. Either it's true, in which case it's funny and I know it already, or it's not, in which case it won't really get to me...
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    RIP Muhammed Ali

    The thing is, as mentioned above, it was an act to drum up attention, but even more importantly, he was funny when he did it. Look through these quotes and tell me that they don't make you laugh, and they were a thousand times better when he said them because he understood timing and expression...
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    Poll: If you always lose at a certain game, how can you be learning to play it better?

    I think that famous (and surprisingly in "quotes said by famous people land", real) quote from Edison sums up the question fairly succinctly ?I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work.? You get better at stuff by doing it repeatedly. Some people learn quicker than...
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    Try and see things from her angle, and consider why she could possibly be mad at you for these things. Emotions are stupid, and cannot be brought around by logical argument (or at least, not that alone), and if she's angry at you over petty shit, she's almost certainly not actually angry at you...
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    Leicester City have won the English Premier League.

    Just to reiterate Guffe's post, we have a premier league (but really just a football with focus on England) user group to satiate all your desires to speak about footy (we don't bite I promise). But yeah, it's hard to explain to Americans who don't follow football just what this means...
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    Zero Punctuation: Dark Souls III

    Is the video not playing for anyone, or is it just me? All I get is an ad for the Escapist Youtube channel (featuring clips from LRR, Jim Sterling and Movie Bob amount others, which are definitely still escapist things), but then no actual video...
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    Which active forum member has been on the Escapist the longest?

    For Daystarat least, I can tell you that they still post, though almost exclusively in a forum game/role playing thread thing, and the reason they stopped being the first poster on every off topic thread was because of disgust at the site and that "door of a fence" related incident (look at...
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    I miss my old one (even though it was literally a stick dog, but it worked with the name dammit), but I've used my new found pub club status to have a Kendrick Lamar gif (which I think I stole from someone else on this very forum, so sorry?), because there are never too many Kendrick gifs
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    So... What's your sign?

    literally the first thing I think of whenever I hear "what's your sign" But virgo, which is apparently appropriate because I like things being in order and want things to be done in a certain way? My mum says it works (not that she believes in it either, but she finds it amusing), I've not...
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    Jim Sterling in court.

    There's an update OP, they've taken away the crowdsourcing button "Due to harassers donating amounts specifically to cause charges rather than donations and charge backs to cause financial fees we will be seeking another avenue for donations." Also they've put a responce to the feedback up...
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    Jim Sterling in court.

    Just to clarify this, Jim's YouTube gaming stuff is part of Maker (so the stuff he runs adds on, "Jimpression" videos and the like) while his website (reviews and the Jimquisition), which is funded by Patreon, is not part of Maker at all. Since the initial slaughtering grounds video was a...
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    Zero Punctuation: The Witness & Bombshell

    Yahtzee's been waiting almost 8 years to use that Jonathan blow/sucks line, hopefully it was worth the wait :P
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    Poll: New Pottermore Sorting Hat Quiz! HOUSES, SOUND OFF!

    So I didn't do the "official" quiz (I put in a fake email, but they wanted to verify it before they'd let me take the quiz, so screw that), so instead I used this which might be the old quiz? Anyway, I got Hufflepuff at 81% and Ravenclaw at 79%, and then Slytherin and Gryffindor both at 24%...