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    Thor Goes Retro in 8-Bit Web Game

    Ah, leaps of faith... and here I thought those were a thing of the past. And they are.
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    Steel Meets Sorcery in Surprisingly Good Conan Reboot Trailer

    I'm not sure I'd call it a reboot. We get a new Sherlock Holmes/Pride and Prejudice/etc every so often, and they're not really reboots. That said, on its own merits, this movie is pretty basic fantasy schlock. It could be Xena, frankly.
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    Critical Miss: The Sega Guide

    Well, I'm gonna side with the camp that thinks that SEGA waited till the game was finished before closing it down. It's a done and dusted program, and will live on the internets - and SEGA gets to protect its IP as it must, IP being the dark master that it is. And as long as SEGA turns a...
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    IGDA Blasts Amazon's Android App Store

    (I've cut down the text a bit to keep the conversation succinct(er), but I did read it all and answers are intended to respond to your sections) You're right, but I'll refer you to an investor's definition: You can find alternative...
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    IGDA Blasts Amazon's Android App Store

    Marketshare is counted in revenue, not unit sales. I realise that this pokes a hole in the following argument, but I'll bear with you. First off, Amazon just threw away 30,000 USD. Since they lose money in this pricing scenario, there would have to be a reason to do it. Very few exist...
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    IGDA Blasts Amazon's Android App Store

    So, basically Amazon will pay a developer 70% of what they got from the customer, and never less than 20% of the original price (even if they themselves give it away "free"). And this has the IGDA's knickers in a twist? I'd understand if they took exception to the 70% or the ability of...
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    New Mass Effect Novel Coming This Fall

    Read the 3 books. They're fast reads and, although shallow, they're good enough to while the time away and learn more about the ME universe. And enjoy the straightforward characterisation of the heroes of course. It's all good fun. Not like when I was young. All we had back then was...
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    Games That Time Forgot

    I can't believe Shamus didn't mention the true 3D effect of Magic Carpet. I'm still getting migraines from that! Otherwise, I'm not sure I agree about XCom. It had its chance, they made a bajillion games out of them and, ultimately, nothing could hit the simplicity and timing of the first...
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    Heavy Rain Dev Sticks to PS3

    I guess it sucks that the game wasn't successful enough to go cross platform. Oh well, better luck next time Quantic Dream...
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    Extra Punctuation: Why Regenerating Health Sucks

    Slow news week I suppose. Nothing wrong with regenerating health. It cut out the old "reload to try and survive fight with full health" BS we had to go through with shooters-of-yore. Does low health add more tension? Maybe. Depends. Perhaps. Does regenerating health let you keep...
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    BioWare Employee Busted in Dragon Age 2 Review Scandal - UPDATED

    Oh man, this is amazing. Since when did people actually start reading the reviews posted by Metacritic users? And they actually believe them without taking a pinch of salt? Whoa..... my mind is blown.
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    Magic the Gathering Tactics Review

    Magic was always about dropping $$$. No surprise that the game hasn't changed.
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    Mass Effect 2 Patch on PS3 Reveals New DLC

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    When In Rome

    No mention for The Fall of the Roman Empire? ( That IS Gladiator.