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    Dick Souls

    Not playing ds3 until i work up the effort to actually play the bloodborne dlc that I downloaded on sale
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    Those games you can play forever

    I havent found one in my entire life but if No Man's Sky is as promising as I imagine it to be it could well be the first. I get over 200 hours out of various RPGs such as FE:Awakening, Fallout 3/NV/4 and Pok?mon though.
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    New Overwatch Beta Patch Brings New Tracer Pose, Accidental Invisibility

    If anything that pose is sexier. I don't even... *sigh* whatever man, I'm done thinking about this.
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    New Royal Research Ship Could Be Named Boaty McBoatface

    Reminds me of face mcshooty from borderlands 2 Anyway, I agree with general consensus of it being good publicity if they actually go through with it.
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    Hulk Hogan Awarded $115 Million in Gawker Sex Tape Case

    I thought this type of lawsuit doesn't work, but obviously I was wrong. Do other celebs keep it quiet or was Hogan's success an anomaly? (Tried googling it but I just get news of Hogan's victory)
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    Sonic the Hedgehog Is Now Available on Apple TV

    This is not news, the movie is the major news, why have I not heard of this so I can set my sights entirely too high.
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    Amazon Patent Would Let You Pay By Using a Selfie

    I honestly, no joke, thought the title meant something along the lines of take 37 selfies for a mars bar or something like that. I feel slightly foolish in hindsight.
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    Google's AI Program Takes on Human Go Champ in Five-Game Tournament

    I'm from England, UK and we consider **** to be the worst swear word (outside of racist words) there is. But that kind of proves your point of it being more difficult that simply translating words to fully understand other cultures :) There are times when computer won't realise your if...
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    The Division Breaks Ubisoft Sales Records

    Please tell me that's in pvp area, that would be hilarious. The hilarity that would ensue from one madman. Ot: was only interested in getting this until I realised it was the a "like Destiny but..." scenario. Unfortunately all my irl friends only play cod and fifa so no getting a group...
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    What are You Playing Now / Last Game You Beat

    Recently beat Bravely Seond on the 3DS including the bonus boss(es) of the game (as in about 40 minutes ago) might pick just cause 3 if I can find it for under 20 quid today
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    [Removed Post]

    Don't know your situation but when I got a job my intrest picked right back up. Like others have said, absence makes the heart grow fonder
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    Uncharted 4 Delayed Two Weeks For "Manufacturing Time"

    Now I don't have to worry whether to get this or Ratchet and Clank so I'm happy with this
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    Top 100 Pokemon - From 40 to 26

    38# Slowpoke Basically it and it's evolution are a joke from your description, so why in the world is it ranked so highly. I don't know maybe I'm being a bit slow on the uptake here. ...I'll see myself out.
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    George R.R. Martin Has A Twist For Someone HBO's Game of Thrones Killed Off

    Unfortunately I have no interest in the books unless he manages to finish the series, simply because he looks like he'll die long before then.
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    Pokemon Focused Nintendo Direct Airs This Saturday

    Pokemon Z? Pokemon X2 & Y2? Pokemon 7th Gen? A good Pokemon Wii U game? Who knows, I guess we'll see on Saturday.