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    Is Revan a Light Sith or a Dark Jedi? *possible minor spoilers*

    In KOTOR you can choose to have Revan as a Jedi or a Sith. I believe the cannon ending is that he is a jedi, so where you go. In KOTOR 2 one of the ideas of the game seems to be that both the jedi and the sith are arrogant idiots who just fight over religous ideals. The whole black/white...
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    Zero Punctuation: Deus Ex

    Okay people, try posting something that isn't any of the above and stop shitting this website up so much.
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    Are our standards too high for Duke Nukem ?

    Our expectations are pretty much irrelevant now. They would only have came into play had the game actually been good.
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    Opinions you have that most people don't agree with.

    ITT: Opinions that you hold that 51% or more of people disagree with.
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    Poll: Sex or Escapist

    "Great fucking site"? This place is a fucking embarassment. The forums are average but there seems to be some sort of "Last bastion of hope" mentality on them. And you get your hands on some form of original or funny content and demand that it's here once a week, milking it to the point where...
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    Portal 2 : some concerns (Not Trolling)

    The fact that you need to include "(not trolling)" in the title of a thread before expressing your opinion on a popular game on this website just shows how much of a shithole this place actually is.
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    A rant to valve.

    What I don't get is why you're ranting at Valve when they're the only company in this industry who consistantly keep their act together. What I also don't get is why you would rant about it here.
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    Dragon Age II has a 3.4/10 on Metacritic, WHY!?

    Here's a shocking concept to you: Your favourite company is capable of making a bad game.
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    Poll: Would You Shut Down Facebook?

    Fuck no. Facebook is a wonderful thing in reality. It can help things that deserve to be popular actually become popular, it can lead to relationships and jobs and all sorts of things. There are people out there who enjoy Facebook, why should I be allowed to take that away from them just...
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    is 4chan really evil?

    Yes, it is evil and you should stay away. Not for your sake, but for theirs.
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    Mass effect:what is the worst thing the franchise could turn it into?

    A railshooter with dating sim elements. Oh wait.
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    I don't like Half Life :C

    No, you are one of those thousands of people who do not like a videogame that millions of people liked. You are nothing special.
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    Poll: Would you leave the Escapist if Zero Punctuation was discontinued ?

    Yes. Theres nothing on the escapist really worth staying for. Most of the shows are shit and these forums are a disgrace.
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    If you could only get 3 games this year....

    ITT: Everyone posts, no one reads. Why would you make this thread?
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    Disappointing Sequels

    Mass Effect 2 Civilization 5 Starcraft 2