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    What's the dumbest thing you've ever heard or overheard someone say?

    "I hate christians so much. All they try to do is convert people to their ignorant beliefs, and people should be able to believe what they want! Christianity should really not be allowed." To be fair, I myself actually manage to say some ridiculous things now and then. My mind tends to...
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    Opinions on Heavy Drinking?

    I'll just refer to a A Bit Of Fry and Laurie sketch in which Stephen is a tobacco salesman posing as a doctor. The sketch goes on, and Hugh eventually says the following about cholesterol: "Ah yes, but too much is bad for you." To which Stephen replies: "Of course it's bad for you...
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    Games that made you cry.

    MGS4, the Naked Sun epilogue. I always break down when Big Boss says I dont know why. I suppose it has something to do with his and Snakes relationship as "father and son".
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    Poll: Would you change your sex for 5 million dollars?

    If anyone would like to see what they could look like if they had more masculine/feminine features, you could always use this: As for me, probably not. If he had a machine that turned me gay for 5 million, however, I would probably do it.
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    Why Jim Sterling's Mario Kart 7 review is bullshit.

    I'm tired of Jim, really. His ideas arent particularily interesting, it's just what most mature people think conveyed in a really immature way. Now, immature can be funny, but personally I dont think he is. It's immature without being funny. Also, I think he gets a lot of validation from how...
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    I Am Alive Producer Dismisses "Bitching" PC Gamers

    Would you share those sources with the rest of us? Because in everything Ive found about the subject, including official studies and comparisons Ive made myself, PC piracy of a game is always at least five times more common than the same game on console. For an example...
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    I Am Alive Producer Dismisses "Bitching" PC Gamers

    Agreed. Piracy is a problem. I dont think I'm the only one whose PC-gaming friends pretty much only pirate games, except multiplayer titles.. And something that always struck me as weird is how they feel theyre so fucking entitled to playing games. Like it's a basic human right. Like they...
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    Stereotype yourself based on looks!

    Social Democrat. On several occasions, I have been told I look like a social democrat. I dress mainly in simple, comfortable clothing that's just as good to work in as it is to just chill. Jeans, or brown pants. Grey, vhite, green, brown, black, plaid. Some people have also said I look poor...
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    The Monty Python Appreciation Thread

    Fixed, and this is one of their funniest sketches. This had me rolling on the floor the first time I saw it.
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    The Monty Python Appreciation Thread

    I feel like you could have just said "The Science Fiction Sketch" instead of saying it in such a round-about way. "'E wasnt as much a man.. as 'e was... A blancmange!"
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    The Monty Python Appreciation Thread

    I just wanted to add another one: This is everything I love about Monty Python.
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    The Monty Python Appreciation Thread

    I showed a friend of mine, who hadn't seen a single episode of Monty Python until now, the episodes "A Book At Bedtime" and "E.Henry Tripshaw's Disease" yesterday. She just thought it was alright. Laughed a few times, smiled mostly. It's okay to not like Monty Python, I guess. Now, I can...
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    What's your name's origin?

    Martin, which I think is Latin for "Dedicated to Mars", or if you want to be fancy about it, "Dedicated to The God of War". Which is funny, seeing as how I am a chill dude with little to no aggressions for anyone. Except for communists.. Smelly, dirty, red scum, I HATE EM I HATE EM Nah...
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    Why bother making 'friends'?

    Well said. Quite similarly, most bad things in this world exist in a temporary state as best. Actually, pretty much everything is temporary and constantly changing. So writing something off as just bad or just good is quite silly, OP. I order this thread not to become silly again.
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    Ever realised that in the plot line of your world, you're a villain?

    Less responsibility, cute girl instead of the hot one, comic relief, actual human flaws, etc. Hooray for sidekicks once more!