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    The Ads of Super Bowl 50 - The Good, The Bad, and the Weird

    Its not even one page for Pubclub members either, despite the fact its an advertised feature. So ya, we can all suffer equally. And oh my god did they really put all the movie ones on the very last page all clumped together? Really??
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    Steam Database Leak Reveals FFX/X-2 PC Release, Half-Life 3

    Technically your article is wrong. "Half-Life 3" wasn't leaked, "Half Life 3" was. Which is how you can tell its fake, the used of the dash is a big deal because its a convention used in all the previous games. Also the original Neogaf post never talks about "Half-Life 3" it talks about "Half...
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    Limited Time Horror Game The Flock Launches Next Week

    I am 100% confident this game will not be abused by bots, hackers, modders or plagued by DDOS attacks which cause it to end after 1 week of being live. I am also 100% confident that this will NOT then end in the developers allowing for the game to die early with a disappointing ending, and...
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    MovieBob leaving The Escapist

    LRR... GONE Jim...GONE All the extra podcasts... GONE MovieBob... GONE Yahtzee next? Seriously? If this keeps up there wont be anything left of this site... Like Ive been here for going on 6 years and the content kept wobbled a bit as Jim was introduced then LRR dissapeared...then the...
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    Evolve Dev Responds to DLC Criticism

    They probably cant. Publisher requirements and all that jazz. Also..developers cost money, and they might be simply over their budget and how it will take to do that content might not be cost effective. Based on 75% positive reviews out of 2475 review and it isnt even out yet, and some of...
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    Grats, you won the lottery.

    Yawn. 99m in a 5 year 4.75% interest per annum holding account, 1m in spending. Buy a house. Live off interest comfortably. In the 5 years, change degrees to economics and learn about investing. Invest money better once 5 years are up.
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    Poll: Your presence on the Escapist.

    I watch Moviebob, ZP and listen to all the podcasts each week. I only comment on pretty specific threads, barely any big ones. Take for example the GG stuff. Didn't participate. Don't want to. Oh I have plenty of strong opinions and ideas about it, but no I am not going to share them. My life...
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    You don't have to be afraid of taking a public stance against #GamerGate.

    Personally, I'm not so much as afraid as not interested in participating. I don't participate in any discussions about Anita Sarkeesian stuff, and Im not about to start with this. I have an opinion on it obviously, but the way this issue has been blown out of proportion by everybody, me...
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    Break Your Xbox One And Xbox 360 With This New App

    What happened to the "Advertised/Sponsored Content" tag in titles? Nobody appreciates articles like this when they arent informative and are purely to advertise products. Even if they are free, even if you didnt do this for money, this needs to be tagged as what it is. This kind of stuff...
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    Fast and Furious 6 Gets UK Movie Pirate 33 Month Jail Term

    You make good points, and I will conceed, the attitude is starting to shift in that people demand quality. One thing though is that right now, the demand for immediacy is HUGE. A company uploaded a super HD version of a film 1 week after film realease? To people who want it, that is...
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    Fast and Furious 6 Gets UK Movie Pirate 33 Month Jail Term

    Thats a very optimistic way to look at it. Assuming that everybody is downloading purely because of a lack of digital access really isnt true. The simple answer is people are lazy and greedy, a torrent is easy to get, and its free. There are still tons of shows out there that are being pirated...
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    Poll: Does the 3D enhance Guardians of the Galaxy?

    What a wierd poll. Your only option for it being good is that it improves the storytelling? No 3D ever in any movie improves the storytelling because storytelling is in absolutely no way related to 3D. Now if you included an option like "It makes the movie more enjoyable to watch"/"It makes...
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    Wolfenstein: The New Order's Huge Download Frightens Pirates, Just Not Enough

    I know that feel. But for me, in 1 weeks time I go from 200GB split between 4 people, to getting naked broadband, ie unlimited data. I live in NZ and these plans only just have started arriving now, they probably have existed in the UK and States for years and years. Unlimited data is the...
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    "How to find a girlfriend" - Some myths debunked

    One thing from me from experience. Online relationships always being creepy old dudes pretending to be girls? Not always. My thoughts on them. They are a a massive trade-off. You are more likely to find someone compatible I would say(more specific interests etc), but because of the...
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    Poll: Far Cry 4 can F' off, probably.

    Never played FC1 or 2, loved Farcry 3, so Ill most likely preorder FC4. Also, you just wrote 2666 words. When your post about a game goes over the length of 200 and some 300 level university reports, you may need to rethink what you are writing :)