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    Your most emotional gaming moments?

    There were a few games and moments that got to me in one way or another. In Silent Hill 2, I actually got really, really upset during the scene where Angela walks off into the burning building. I just felt so much pity for her; she didn't deserve what had happened to her, but she didn't have...
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    Critical Miss: {T}

    I bought the Witcher Enhanced Edition from Steam year before last and I just couldn't get into it. I played past the first part of the game (the assault on the castle/keep/whatever where you discover someone is allergic to magic) as was just so bored and disinterested in every character onscreen...
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    Sony Debunks Rumors of Today's PSN Store Relaunch

    I have never overlooked newer games because I was "too preoccupied", especially not with free titles. In the case of all the titles on offer here, they're pretty good, and I'm sure I'll play them, but because I'll OWN them, I'm not going to be in any enormous hurry to start playing them. Much...
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    Sony Remastering PSP Titles for PS3, Monster Hunter Up First

    I wonder what chance we've got of getting a remastering of Persona 3 Portable? Considering the original Persona 3 was a PS2 title and isn't that old, probably not high chances at all. But I'd dearly love to be able to play the storyline for my own gender... I hear it's different enough in terms...
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    Team Bondi Says Ladies Will Love LA Noire

    The first time I went to Disney World with my husband, we were walking along the water back to our hotel one evening watching the fish snap at the surface. Off handedly, he says, "Isn't it amazing how they can make animatronic fish?" "Really?!" I gasp. "No." he says, and starts giggling. So...
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    Hideo Kojima Tells Square-Enix to Remake FF7

    Haha, wow, settle down. I didn't make any rules, I just offered my opinion. You know, that thing everyone has? I never said all remakes are bad, either. (But I've never seen one I thought was needed either.) I just said that in this case, I didn't think a remake was what Square needed because it...
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    Hideo Kojima Tells Square-Enix to Remake FF7

    Nope. I never played that. I'm not saying making an original game will unleash a splooge of amazingness. I'm just saying remakes aren't the solution. They're cheap cashgrabs. A lot of companies drop a lot of stinkers on original titles, but that doesn't mean they should give up, go back and...
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    Hideo Kojima Tells Square-Enix to Remake FF7

    Making more Final Fantasy games isn't creativity. It's time to bury that franchise. Maybe if they let their talent move in new directions they'd have a hit.
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    Hideo Kojima Tells Square-Enix to Remake FF7

    Yeah, that's what we need. More remakes. Forget creativity, just throw money at older properties! People are magpies who like shiny, familiar things!
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    306: Mickey's Epic

    Unfortunately, I've never been able to bring myself to keep playing a game just because it might "get better later", even if that's true. I'm sure it's a great game to a lot of people, but I have a ton of games I can fire up and enjoy from minute one. :)
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    Adoptive Parents Call Portal 2 Jokes Offensive to Orphans

    Probably not something a little kid wants to hear, sure, but if you're a good parent and taking an interest in the things he or she is playing, it's probably the sort of thing you'd catch and talk with him or her about, right? Might as well get offended on behalf of fatties everywhere for...
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    306: Mickey's Epic

    I finally got around to trying Kingdom Hearts for the first time the other day and my GOD that's the most bored I've ever been in an RPG. Beautiful design, absolutely average and uninteresting cast. I get the feeling I might have liked it more if I had been a bigger Final Fantasy fan or...
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    Sony Defends "Welcome Back" Reward Choices

    Seriously? Seriously?? People are complaining about this? Personally, I was kinda stunned that the list included the high quality titles that it did... the most my husband and I had guessed they were going to offer was like a $5 credit for the PS Store or something. Personally, I've never played...
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    Doctor Who Boss Blasts Spoiler-Posting Fans

    Basic gist; the Doctor is a Time Lord, which is an alien despite looking human, who has been around for almost a thousand years. He has a device called the TARDIS which looks like a old English police call box, and is actually "bigger on the inside" that lets him travel to any point in time and...
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    Doctor Who Boss Blasts Spoiler-Posting Fans

    I wish someone had spoiler'd Curse of the Black Spot for me so I hadn't wasted my time watching that circus of stupidity and mediocrity. But, yeah. Spoilers suck. Part of the reason I basically avoid any communities for ongoing things I'm interested in. The number of people who just blurt out...