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    Sirlin Games Launches Pandante Kickstarter

    Huzzah! I'm looking forward to this. There is a print and play version available as well right now, just like all of Sirlin's other games. I own all of his games and I really enjoy his designs. This one is a more casually focused game, but you can play it very seriously for real money if you...
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    Moviebob's Re-Tales

    I was going to say, you should have easily made $600 in sales with all the games and accessories he bought with that Wii! Plus, it sounds like at that point, it was either the Wii or nothing. I feel for you though, retail sucks balls a lot of the time. The second story though, this one just...
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    Notch Calls Origin "a Good Thing"

    Yeah, I'd rephrase that a bit. The idea of Origin as competition to Steam is good. Origin itself however, is simply not good compared to Steam. It's categorically worse. The only reason people are using it right now is EA's games that are exclusive to it, i.e. Mass Effect 3 at the moment.
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    Mass Effect 3 DLC Appears on Xbox Live

    It means I don't buy your game until there's a discount bundle with all the DLC a year from now. Fuck your day one DLC and online passes EA.
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    Copyrights and Copycats

    Shamus, you hit the nail on the head with this. Brand names are covered by trademark law, and that's easily the most useful branch of IP law as far as I can see. In fact, I'd go so far as to claim it's the only one that actually makes logical sense, but that's a whole other debate. Suing...
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    Gamer Dies In LAN Cafe, No One Notices

    Actually, I have to wonder about any major urban environment causing this kind of desensitization to your surroundings. Does anybody notice if a homeless person dies on the street? No, they just think they're sleeping and walk right on by. Granted, this is more extreme, but the idea is the...
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    Thief Gold Comes to GOG

    Wow this is fantastic! I was thinking about digging up the first two Thief games again recently. The words "Return to the Cathedral" send shivers down my spine. To this day, Thief is the only game I literally could not play at night with the lights off and headphones, the way it was meant to...
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    Rumor: Wii U CPU Twice as Beefy As Xbox 360

    This just in: Developers' eyes always bigger than console's stomach. Film at 11. Devs will always "want to do more" with a platform.
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    Modern Warfare 3 Beats Avatar's Fastest-Selling Record

    Okay, I know CoD is ridiculously successful, but did anybody notice that we're comparing raw dollars here? Given that an Avatar ticket cost $10-$15 depending on your theatre and whether you saw it in 3D or not, and CoD costs $60, I think CoD has a bit of advantage on the pure dollar amount...
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    Skyrim Patch Makes Dragons Fly Backwards

    Okay, Bethesda, you know we love you guys right? You make some really great games, but my god they are broken as shit. How do you fuck up your patches this bad? Jesus titty-fucking Christ, we're not asking for a game of this size and complexity to be perfectly bug free. We're just asking for...
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    New Xbox Dashboard Coming Early December

    Yeah, the cloud storage backup is nice. I'll definitely make use of that, as long it's a backup and not a total replacement of storing everything locally as well.
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    Modern Warfare 3 Breaks Every Sales Record Known to Man

    You know what? I'm just going to declare Call of Duty the "Nickelback" of the gaming world. It's not objectively bad, in fact it's polished to the nth degree. It's just bland, boring and entirely forgettable, with each release being pretty much the same as the last, yet it somehow achieves...
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    Modern Warfare 3 Nutcase Threatens to Blow Up Best Buy

    I really hope it's just these insane military FPS games that attract the serious nutjobs...
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    Shaken Up

    Definitely sounds more like the latter, in which case, I suddenly like this movie a whole lot more.
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    Diablo III Has Single Player Online

    I'm sorry, having to make a separate character to play online is not so much of a fucking inconvenience that I would give up all that other stuff. No pausing? In a single player game? Are you fucking kidding me?! I can't believe a company like Blizzard was the first one to make such a...