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    Valve Sets Steam Direct Publishing Fee at $100

    $100 isn't going to do anything but line Valve's pockets with cash. I've said this before, and I'll say it again - Videos of both the game in development and a studio tour with insight into who's doing what say a lot more about the legitimacy of both the game and its creators than a $100 bill...
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    8 Games that Didn't Live Up to Their Hype

    You know, this list has me thinking - Has Ubisoft considered porting Red Steel (or the apparently much better Red Steel 2) over to VR? I imagine there would be better control over movement with something like Playstation VR or the Vive with their more accurate motion sensors.
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    Roger The Kangaroo Cut From Tekken 7 Due to Animal Activist Fears

    ...Isn't this the game with the fighting bear? Or a panda? Or is it both? Why would they be worried about animal rights when you've already had an animal in the roster for many years?
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    House Flipper is a Ridiculously In-Depth Game About Repairing and Selling Houses

    Great idea, just needs much older homes such as the kit homes from the first few decades of the 20th century along with ranch homes, instead of just the suburban ones that have been built in the last thirty years because a lot of those are cheap trash it's honestly more realistic in that manner...
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    For Honor's Upcoming DLC Heroes Leaked

    Screw the ninja and centurion, when can I be a skeletal warrior? No guts or blood so I don't have to worry about bleed and poison, and I'll have a great resistance to stab attacks!
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    The Nintendo Switch Has its First "Tablet Exclusive" That Can't Be Played on TV

    ...This is a mobile game. It's in no way exclusive: In other words: If you've got a tablet or phone, you can already play this game and not have to wait for the Switch.
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    More Overwatch Funkos Revealed, Coming to Stores in April

    It wasn't the rise of the machines we should have worried about, it was the little plastic figurines with giant heads. ...Seriously, there's going to be more of these things than people at this rate.
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    Splatoon 2 Will Feature 8-player LAN Play

    Would it be correct to say that when people want LAN, they also mean they want split-screen and compatibility for multiple controllers? Given how this is described, it's just too expensive set up a local game seeing how you need 8 different Switches instead of, say, two switches and eight...
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    Fallout 4 High Resolution Texture Pack is Now Available on PC

    The texture pack mods likely don't cover everything. There's always that one or two textures that's only seen once or twice and thus it's easy to forget making a texture, and then you have the media-based textures such as advertising that's hard to enhance unless you intend to replace the whole...
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    Next Fallout 4 Patch Improves Visuals on PS4 Pro, PC

    So basically what they're saying is that this a patch that includes the source textures used for high-poly models baked into textures ranging from 20482 to 81922, along with some INI tweaks anyone brave enough can do, topped off with some shader tweaks made to be more accurate at the cost of...
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    Windows 10 Will Soon Get a High-Performance "Gaming Mode"

    Here's my idea for what a "Gaming Mode" can be, Microsoft: -Completely remove background processes that have do next to nothing to enhance performance, even if they claim to do so -Clean up your UI code, it's nice to see the simplicity but it means nothing if it can't perform well on a...
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    Frontier Suing Atari for $2.2 Million in Unpaid Roller Coaster Tycoon 3 Royalties

    While the $2.20 million sounds nice, I feel like Frontier could do the industry a favor and instead just demand the Atari IP and its owned IPs instead, then give Atari the proper burial it's been needing for nearly the last decade.
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    The Escapist's Reader's Choice Game of the Year 2016

    Considering that latest-replied forum threads were removed off the front page, and instead we get some pictograms about dated factoids, that might have to do with the low numbers this year? It served as a reminder that forums exist on this site...
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    Frog Fractions 2 Found Buried in Another Game

    Here you go (along with anyone else asking the same question): Enjoy discovering the reality of what it is then, there's always more to it.
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    Steam Screenshots Section Must Now Only Contain Actual Screenshots

    Now here's the real question: Are they willing to go further to enact that developers and publishers cannot touch up their in-game screenshots thus looking prettier than what's actually seen in the game?