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    The scary thread

    I haven't on this website for a year or so and this damn thread is still going!! How?
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    I need your help escapists!!

    You sir/madam are a god among men, it took a little bit of searching using that website as a starting point but i found it, the name is " one failed uplift" by a polish artist called Tomasz Jedruszek EDIT : one not on
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    I need your help escapists!!

    It was a video with just images used as a slideshow , and that happened to be one of them. :)
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    I need your help escapists!!

    OK so here is the deal: While trawling through youtube videos late at night (as I am prone to do), I came across a picture, not just any picture , a picture that i personally thought was amazing. That was 3 long weeks ago, i have been hunting for the composer of this particular piece of...
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    Hello there escapists. I will keep this short and sweet, i am attempting to learn "the raven" by Edgar Allan Poe in all it's entirety and was just wondering if any of you could offer me any advice on how to do so. Also for discussion value , have you ever had to memorize something , and...
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    topic for acoustic guitar freaks... (like me)

    Try a song called "I'd rather be with you" by Joshua Radin, its one of my favorite acoustic songs to play
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    Must see Horror movies!

    Japanese version of "The Ring" amazing film ,much better than the USA version. "Psycho" by Mr Alfred Hitchcock "Apartment 1303" "Evil Dead" "The Fly" to an extent, creepy , but not necessarily a horror If you are interested in scaring the s**t out of her with games as well i would...
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    Has a game ever made you cry?

    The ending of fable 2, it crap , i was a bundle of nerves
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    Text based games (also where to start )

    I assume he meant the online choose your own style but he wasn't particuarly specific
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    Text based games (also where to start )

    Hello Escapists, At the time writing i am bored by the state of current gen games, in terms of story ( there are, of course, a few exceptions to that opinion) While having a conversation with a work colleague, he suggested i try my hand to text - based adventures, however, me being me, I...
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    Nuzlocke run: a story (chapter 1 up)

    The naming i am working into it at the minute, just took me a little while to think of a name In order. Emulator, will do any particular things you would like to see? The talking pokemon made it a little bit easier to work with as i am not a writer in any way shape or form. I always...
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    Nuzlocke run: a story (chapter 1 up)

    Works for me. will do the first proper chapter in the next hour or so.
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    Nuzlocke run: a story (chapter 1 up)

    Just for clarification purposes, i probably should have asked this earlier, would it be easier for people if i put new chapters as spoilers in the original posts? or as seperate posts of their own? please quote and let me know :)
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    Nuzlocke run: a story (chapter 1 up)

    Hello there escapists, finally catching up I have decided to do it in the form of a story, in order to keep things interesting, however i would appreciate peoples suggestions as the game progresses for potential strategy in defeating gym leaders/catching certain pokemon etc. Feedback would...