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    well, the the escapist was just attacked.

    I changed my password and strengthen it. These are some desperate people, aren't they?
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    A thank you to mr. Tito

    Yeah, I have my problems with you... But you held your own. Been a while since I posted an image on here. And...sorry, for caling you names.
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    Tumblr Convention "Disaster" DashCon Gives Official Statement

    ... Guys, it's clearly a chicken with feathers in its eyes. Even I saw that and I can't see for jack and shit. That being said, This is hilarious. Beyond Hilarious. This is failure of a new generation. This Failure, which became a upon level itself shall now, and forever after, be called...
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    DC Comics' First Selfie Variant Cover Stars Batman And Superman

    Look at Superman. Just look at him. He's cheesing it up and some how, some way got Batman involve.
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    Dawn of Justice May Have Four Additional Villains

    ... I'm sorry, but I keep seeing King Shark in the early nineties version, you know:
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    A Game You Wished Sold Well, But Didn't :(

    I agree. Steambot Chronicles/ Bumpy Trot sure it was confusing but DAMN IT it was beautifful.
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    Guess the Screenshot: Anime Edition

    Sayonara, Zetsubou-Sensei ... I'm on my ipad, so someone post something else.
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    Arcane Uprising: Setting Sun 2.0 (Dragon Age Mage RP) [Open, Started. PM GM for info on joining.]

    I've been waiting for an RP like this for years. Hope I can get a sheet up soon.
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    ANIMORPHS (interest thread)

    ...This..this is fucking beautiful. I need to re-read the books, there are so much stuff I forgotten. Thanks for the reminder.
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    Avatar: Legends of the Dark Age

    I have a question. Why aren't there guns in your Avatar world? I mean, You have cannons and Fireworks; even space travel yet not a single gun. Are you telling me; NO one came up with this thought; "Golly, gee I wonder what it will be like to have cannons that fit into the palms of our...
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    Poll: Best Composer

    Dovrak. That man gave me this: And for that, he shall forever has a place in my heart. CAPTCHA: Thank You See? Even the computer agrees
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    Games that are easy once you know what you're doing.

    Arkham Series. Once you learn the hand to hand combat, and quick-fire buttons FEAR WILL BE YOUR WEAPON! Runner up: Dishonored...SO...DAMN...MUCH. Even on a No-kill Ghost walkthrough, You will take down people on a rather absurd level.
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    What's YOUR reputation on the Escapist?

    How the hell am I suppose to know? I guess, I'm known?
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    Shows/Movies/Games/Etc. Within Shows/Movies/Games/Etc.

    Action Bastard! Best line in the show: "my rod is so big, so long, and so purple, there's nothing my rod cannot do!" Captcha: Dish Water Hey! That's Action-Fizz to you, you jack-asses!
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    Poll: Fellow Oldscapists!

    I know I count as one. Still hard to believe Bubblegum(Souplex) is still around.