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    Zero Punctuation: Octopath Traveler

    All I'm getting is a 45 second Escapist Ad about all the shows they used to have portrayed as it they still had them. Am I doing something wrong?
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    Zero Punctuation: E3 2017

    He doesn't even read them, much less reply to them.
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    Zero Punctuation: Let It Die

    The Young Turks as a citation? Are you serious right now? The only thing you can use the TYT as a citation for, is what a joke looks like. Don't let the 3 million subs fool you... Look at their views. No one, relative to their sub base, actually watches them. For a channel with 3 million...
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    Next World of Warcraft Patch Announced Before Legion Launch, Takes Players Back to Karazhan

    That's what I thought it was going to be too. That place was so creepy it's a shame the assets are never going to be used, it seems.
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    Zero Punctuation: The Technomancer

    Oh please... it's not like you actually read the comments anyway.
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    Pokemon Go

    How long are we going to have this other artist?
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    Yes, Pokemon Go Has Impacted PornHub Searches

    Puerto Rico isn't a country... it's a US territory. Why is that on the Country list?
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    New Ghostbusters Trailer Introduces Slimer, Shows off Chris Hemsworth

    That is some damned high optimism... I'd say it went from F- to F+. Bad... but not atrocious. I actually felt like I might laugh a couple of times in this one.
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    King of the Dinosaurs

    Yeah... they were actually recovering from the meteor blast, then died out.
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    FBI Can't Win: Apple Engineers Will Quit Before Unlocking iPhone

    Yeah... a company like... pApple. They are a new company that makes cell phones, and cell phone accessories.
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    Spider-Man Finally Revealed in Latest Civil War Trailer

    Hey look! CGIder-man just made an appearance! Also... if I'm wrong, and that's not CGI, congrats to whoever made that suit... it looks so cartoony... it's fight right in with an animated backdrop.
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    J.J. Abrams "Made a Mistake" With Leia in Force Awakens

    I thought that was a helmetless pyre
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    J.J. Abrams "Made a Mistake" With Leia in Force Awakens

    I'm still trying to figure out how that helmet survived the explosion of the 2nd Star Destroyer... or hell... how he found it among the wreckage of something the size of a small moon. But I didn't watch the movie... so maybe they explained it.
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    Fans "Fix" Ghostbusters Trailer With Recut

    That cut could have tricked me into watching the movie. And all it had to do was cut our most of the dialog and add some nostalgia music and audio effects.
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    Zootopia - If Animals Can Overcome Racism and Sexism, Why Can't We?

    Fucking seriously? "Land Before Time" overcame racism 28 fucking years ago. Why can't we?! Remember... Three-horns never play with Long-necks. Get this shit outta here.