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    You're (probably) using Ludonarrative Dissonance completely wrong

    So wait, ludonarrative dissonance is only based on a narrative's theme and not any other part of the narrative!? Why isn't it ludothematic dissonance then? So 2 examples of a theoretical post apocalypse game. 1)Has a theme of rejecting currency in favor of bartering. Game has plenty of...
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    Onimusha: Warlords Trailer - Switch/PS4/Xbone/PC

    Awww, you didn't enjoy playing as Samurai Jean Reno? The Onimusha games were, I think, the only games where I ever practiced the parry/counter mechanic. I remember it being a very cathartic way to fight.
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    Do you find the Walmart cheer endearing, creepy or annoying?

    I remember when they tried to get the night shift people to do that. I, and a few others just walked away to start work. We were asked to come back but I refused saying that it had nothing to do with my job. They probably could have written me up for that but I don't think anyone wanted be the...
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    Zero Punctuation: E3 2018 Round-Up

    My Prime discount gets worse as release day gets close. Might be different depending on the region. His opinion lines up with what I've heard people say after the first video on it. There was a separate video that focused on the web slinging and general combat that won quite a few people...
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    Square-Enix E3 conference

    I will be disappointed if they remove it from the game.
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    Gaming Critic TotalBiscuit Passed Away Today

    I'm going to watch some Shoutcraft tournaments, the Terraria series and listen to a few of his songs for a while. I can't imagine how Genna and their kid are doing.
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    Well, the konami code still works. So there's that...
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    Poll: So did you survive? (Spoilers A:IW)

    I died in Chrome and was spared in Firefox. I say key people were lost and confused people thought it was an international attack, starting a nuclear war that ends everyone left. "Became paradise" my ass....
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    Zero Punctuation: Doki Doki Literature Club

    I don't mind his voice but the For Honor episode was bad, very bad. I remember when he said that vikings don't have farms at home so they need to raid for basic resources. He then comments on how little, if any, upper body clothing they wear. That was too stupid to be actual history so I...
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    Poll: Was the Mass effect 3 ending that bad?

    Some of the "tested loyalties" were a little silly. The one I always think of is a character failing a loyalty check and not surviving a shot to the ship before it crash lands on the Collector base.
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    Poll: Is It Fair to Comment on a Game's Story Without Having Played It?

    I'll echo those saying that it depends on the game. Many games don't mesh story and gameplay well/at all so the story experience can be simply watched and that person, to me, would be on equal ground when arguing the merits of the story. How a person arranges their units/base layout and how...
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    Has anyone tried to buy a new graphics card lately?

    Yeah, I'm waiting for a price drop or my GPU breaks completely. Someone's trying to get $4000 for a GTX 980ti on Amazon(Canada)...
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    Selling Gambling to Children - Do we ACTUALLY care?

    Would slot machines still be gambling if they guaranteed a return of a random sticker or something else equally meaningless? I don't think that even if you technically get a thing, that it stops being gambling.
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    What SEGA games do you appreciate outside Sonic? (and why)

    Valkyria Chronicles(specifically the first one). Who knew a third person turn based(ish) rpg shooter could be fun. Story was pretty good in the first game as well. Shining Force is good too but I only really have experience with the Game Gear one.
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    How is everyone finding the new South Park game?

    Yeah, it took me about 20-22 hours for my first playthrough of Shattered but Whole while still missing a few things. Stick of Truth took me 17 to 100% and that was on my first playthrough as well. However, I have over 90 hours over several playthroughs in Stick of Truth at this point because I...