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    The Big Picture: Plothole Surfers

    For the Q&A: -What is your favorite Wrestling match of all time? Of 2018, so far? -What are your thoughts on Shin Godzilla/Godzilla Resurgence? -How would you rank the Star Trek movies in order from worst to best?
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    Poll: Star Trek: Which Enterprise is Your Favorite?

    I feel the E was the best blend between TOS and TNG in terms of looks. Controversially, I find the Voyager my favorite look. Possibly because I loved the series as a kid, though I really liked the nacelles' placement and the arrow-head shape. Sure, it could get sick and the holodeck wasn't...
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    Anyone thinking of getting Ratchet and Clank for the PS4?

    Been thinking about it, loved the series on the PS2 and I did enjoy the PS3 games. Not really interested in the movie at all, looks like a rip-off of a rip-off of early Dreamworks. Been keeping myself in the dark about it up til now (thoughtful of Sony to release no trailers, in that regard) and...
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    Gods of Egypt Director Blames Critics For Box Office Failure

    I really liked Dark City. I wish this movie was as good. I can understand feeling this way after something you put a lot of effort into turns to shit in your hands but I don't think it was the best idea to make this public display.
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    Has anyone else played Gemini: Heroes Reborn?

    For a brief, glorious second I thought you were talking about something relating to the underrated classic Jet Force Gemini. Anyway, sounds like a fun time for a tie-in game. Might give it a check if I have the cash.
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    Saddle Up, C*cks*ckers!: A Deadwood Movie Is Coming Our Way

    I agree, I still feel there are more stories to be had with this, and more Al Swearengin is good for my soul. I don't want to be too excited until I'm at the theater purchasing the tickets, though, I've made peace with the series being over, so no need to get too excited.
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    Criminally Underrated First Person Shooters?

    I really enjoy the first Battlefield: Bad Company, mainly for the single player story. Has a nice action-adventure romp feel to it and has more room for exploration. The gameplay is a little odd but I do like ramming a military checkpoint in a golf cart. Shame about the sequel not having any of...
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    Black Friday/Cyber Monday:

    I work retail, how do you think I feel? Seriously, not really looking forward to the next few days. I work in the electronics/toys department and today I was mobbed from when I first punched in at 8 til I left at 5. Answering phone calls and heading to the backroom to make...
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    Fallout's Nuka Cola Quantum - Coming to a Target Near You

    Honestly, I'd like to try the beer, I'm not familiar with Carlsburg and I do like the occasional pilsner lager. I happen to work at Target and will probably try it, if my store gets it. Haven't had a Jones Soda in close to a decade, so I'll treat myself.
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    MTG Strats/Cards that you Like and Dislike

    I like a lot of strategies, both in constructed and limited. I seem to go more aggro in my constructed but I have had more success in limited playing the slow decks, mainly U/B. My favorite color combo are Abzan (WBG) and Orzhov (WB) though I don't really dislike any color either. I do tend to...
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    8 Epic Fails in Videogame Marketing

    I'd add the Dead Space 2 "Your Mom hates this game" ad campaign to the list and the 2010 Konami E3 press events as well.
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    Comic Book Store Owner Raises Nearly 10k for Make-A-Wish

    I know it's off topic but good god that doughnut looks fantastic. If they serve those at the cafe I know where I'm going on my vacation. Oh, yeah, and great heartwarming story, etc.
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    Modern Masters 2015 Draft Themes

    It was an archetype in the first Modern Masters and in the MTGO only Vintage Masters draft. Storm seems more like a constructed archetype, draft seems too high variance in what you can get since you need certain cards to get going. Anyway, looking at the spoilers, it seems like they did keep...
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    Starchy Star Wars: I Am Bread Just Added Space Battles

    Space: Oven and breadond, Battlestarch Galactica, A Baker's 7... Edit: thought of a better name for the Blake's 7
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    Starchy Star Wars: I Am Bread Just Added Space Battles

    Good to know, however my current computer is not really good for much except going on the internet. I'll think about getting it once I get something without a slightly cracked screen that isn't made from cheese.