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    The Time I Was a Social Outcast

    I'm glad I'm not the only one who felt like this. I mean, I appreciate that it didn't really go into Nice Guy territory, but the way he talked about women still made me uncomfortable.
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    Jimquisition: Let's End the FPS Sausage-fest

    Careful, Jim: you keep thoughtfully examining gender issues in video games, and I just might develop an unhealthy crush on you.
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    The last song you listened to is now your country's national anthem. (because I don't know how to embed and am too lazy to figure it out.) Awesome.
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    What's the most hipster thing you've done?

    I recently described the music of "Explosions in the Sky" as "instrumental nihilism". (I don't really think that's what EitS is going for, but that's how I feel every time I hear their music). Needless to say that statement was almost immediately followed by a loud sigh of self-loathing, and...
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    Extra Punctuation: Why No Couples in Games?

    I've gotta say, I'm starting to enjoy these segments more than your videos. Your arguments are extremely well voiced; Extra Punctuation updates have definitely become one of the highlights of my week.
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    What's your flirt tactic?

    I usually pretend I didn't see them, but still try and act sexy (i.e. swinging my hips, dashing smile, batting eyelashes). And then I usually end up doing something fucking retarded like spill my drink all over myself or sneeze all over my sleeve or trip while I'm walking. Honestly I have no...
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    Poll: Who is your favorite Mass Effect Characer

    Garrus. I'm working on my first playthrough of ME 2 (didn't buy it till a few months ago) and my Shep is going to HIT THAT. <3
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    what developer has the most soul?

    Thatgamecompany for sure. Whether you're into their games or not, you can't deny that they are always a new experience. (Okay I know they've only made two games so far-three if you count cloud-, but at least they're trying something different, and they clearly care about games as a medium for...
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    You only have 15 minutes left in your life... What will you do with it?

    Hire a prostitute. Actually I would probably call/visit my family and tell them how much I love them.
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    You've just woken up naked next to the lead singer of the last band you listened to

    Last band I listened to was Daft Punk...which doesn't really have a lead singer...but if they were both there AND in their robot suits: Hell. Fucking. Yes.
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    Do you like women's feet?

    tmi incoming, but I used to like women's feet (men's not so much) until I got a wart on my own they all just sort of freak me out...
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    Escape to the Movies: Centurion

    I didn't watch Centurion until recently, and I have to say, I really appreciated it from a historical perspective. It's nice to see a movie about the Romans where they AREN'T just a bunch of white guys...I think just about the only other series I've seen that grasped the diversity of the Romans...
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    You Know You're Too Much Of A Gamer When ....

    When I play too much L4D, whenever anyone suddenly appears in my field of vision, I frantically try to click a mouse in their general direction.
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    Poll: Do you dream in First-Person or Third-Person?

    I mostly dream in first person, though I distinctly remember several dreams where I am in third person. Usually those are only when I am something other than myself, like this one dream where I was a duck.
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    Do you watch TV? all?

    I don't have many tv channels either; just a few basic channels were bundled with my high speed internet. Ever since I went to college I've started to find most of my entertainment on the internet (insert pr0n joke here) and through video games. There are a few channels I probably would watch on...