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    Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon Review - Unapologetically 80s

    You're about a decade off.
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    VP Joe Biden Claims "No Restriction" Against Taxing Violent Games

    Oh wow. Now I remember why I stopped posting here. I have to post something on topic now, right? *sigh* Joe Biden isn't representative of any sort of majority here. Here, he's clearly pandering to a group of conservative religious fundamentalists. So anything he said, especially in this...
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    Poll: Bioshock Infinite: A Very Specific Question about Morality and Choice

    I shot the first scientist before he uttered a word. I believe the second started to talk when I aimed my shotgun at him, but at that point I was pretty angry. I don't usually kill non-aggressive NPC's either, and this was definitely an exception. Just goes to show how great a story it was.
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    Obsidian Unveils Project Eternity

    I had only a very few minor glitches in my first playthrough. One thing I've learned in my gaming career is that it is very rare that my experiences are in the minority. Based on that experience, I'm going to wager that most people didn't have any major, game-breaking problems while playing New...
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    Obsidian Unveils Project Eternity

    Take my money, Obsidian! This is the first kickstarter project that I've found worthy of my 25 dollars.
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    What Happened to The Sims?

    Blah blah...something about EA. EA is the devil. Who even plays the Sims? Microtransactions are commonplace these days, anyways. All F2P MMOs have them and even the monthly-sub monster itself has quite a few of them.
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    Developer Blames "American Culture" for Greenlight Ban

    Oh look, stupid generalizations are 'official' now. I expect to see that kind of drivel only on forums with an abundance of inexperienced adolescents. Yes, American Culture...a mixture of an uncountable number of different cultures, is responsible for Steam taking down this shitty wank-fest...
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    Poll: Big Spoon or Little Spoon: which do you prefer

    I definitely thought the same thing. I prefer the little spoon, except when eating soup. Then I prefer the round spoon. Those big spoons...something just doesn't feel right about them. I hate when the utensil drawer only has forks and big spoons. On topic: My wife hates it when I'm the big...
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    Poll: Are gamers good in bed?

    The levels of awkwardness in this thread have exceeded safe reading thresholds. I'm sorry for you guys, it'll happen one day. God willing.
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    Poll: How do you have your tea?

    Maybe I'm a minority, but I think milk in tea is just gross. I like my tea with sugar and nothing else. Milk/creamer is for coffee.
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    Future of PS3 Skyrim DLC Uncertain

    Is it weird that I can hear lemongrab's voice everytime your gif plays?
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    What is your favourite Ben & Jerry Flavour?

    Cherry Garcia is easily the best.
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    Poll: Your Pet is Drowning, and so is a Stranger.

    That was pretty great. Well said. Understandable. His rebuttals were pretty airtight. I don't think that you'll be winning the election after this debate, Mr. Slayer.
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    Poll: Your Pet is Drowning, and so is a Stranger.

    Not getting into it with you again, Panda. I'm not even irritated about the topic at hand, and you know that. What bothers me is the intolerance of differing values.
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    Poll: Your Pet is Drowning, and so is a Stranger.

    The presumptuousness and self-righteousness has reached a new high in this thread with this post. Just based on the fact that you attribute the poll results to the possibility that "there are a lot of mentally challenged people' that have participated lets me safely assume that I, at least, have...