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    The last song you listened to is now your country's national anthem.

    HA, bet im not the only person but the trolololo song I do find it oddly hypnotic
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    You are granted godlike powers...

    Depends on how I feel at the time of the choice, not exactly the happiest here right now so would probably choose godhood, my creation would most likely be a mix of a lot of things, I've always liked the Sandmans style of gods coming about through dreams and belief, so would enjoy all the...
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    Poll: Would you accept immortality?

    If I could choose when I pass away then I'd quite happily go ahead, im sure I would'nt be the only immortal around. Also you say we would be left behind in evolutionary ways, just because we would maybe be behind doesnt mean we wouldnt be a valued addition, I mean honestly, history is made by...
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    The Setting Of The Last Game You Were In Is Your New Home

    Dark Souls..............bugger.
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    TF2 Sniper: British or Australian.

    Potential for the Pyro then isnt it? but yeah of all stereotypes some people seem to love that one, could be wearing the mask to hide the awful teeth. Granted im Scottish an know how the english actually are but I do enjoy the stereotypes, there entertaining in this game. OP: I think you can...
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    The protagonist from the last game you played turns out to be your biological Father/Mother

    hmm my character from Monster Hunter Tri is my daddy, well considering he can use weapons bigger than himself with ease an swim like a fish an about 20 mins underwater with no problem, as long as he teaches the family business I think I could be quite happy
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    The last enemy you defeated is now your roommate

    ccccrap, Persona 4, Shadow Kanji, I so hope im not his type
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    You now have a Army of the last thing you killed in a videogame.

    hmm an army of Ceadeaus, Lagiacrus or Rathalos from the monster hunter games, cant remember which was last but either i could control the oceans of the world with an army of ceadeaus, skies with rathalos or bit of both with the lagi's, not bad, not bad at all, just choices now
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    Oh dear god (graphic animal cruelty)

    That....that was horrid, and it is disgusting to think that it happens every day. However the comments can be just horrible as well. I am not approving of this but this business comes from demand from real fur clothes, as common in america as anywhere else, in the comments its just a bunch of...
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    Ok, the main character of the last game you played attacked you... How screwed are you?

    hmm my Monster Hunter Tri character has quite a lot of good armor and a healthy selection of weapons to choose from and able to take out quite a few of the big dragons fairly well....Yup im going to be carved up like a Jaggi
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    Games you found unbearably long

    Black and White 1 more not for how long the game was but how fricking long it took for you damn creature to grow big!! every trailer an such showed you first your small little creature and then a massive mountain of a beast, what did it take to actually get that size? over 30 fecking hours for...
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    Why does Rape exist?

    You can say all the things you want bout the human mind lacking willpower, or going on bout dominance issues, though remember its very rare that you will find female on male rape, its their but humans are more likely to do it than youd think. However in nature force/rape is pretty much the...
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    Eugh, this type of thing. Evolution is incredibly complex to try an say what the "next step in humanity" is, however the whole "survival of the fittest" was the incredibly simple version of what was actually said. Evolution, the small changes over time that help species to survive in new...
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    Atheists who celebrate X-mas

    A) as many people have said, its not a Christian Holiday, it never truly was, pagan roots etc. B) To those who say about it being the celebration of Christ's birth are also wrong. The easiest way a new religion gets in place is by saying the gods of the previous religion were sub-servant or...
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    If only it exsisted

    That one, something with maybe proper customization, maybe have a little bit of a mix with the monster hunter game, its cool to be able get some materials to make cool weapons would be pure awesome to be able to take the the head an neck of a giant dragon at make it the head of your ship :D...