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    XCOM 2's been delayed; what're you gonna be playing instead until 2016?

    Cry Probably just replay XCom: EU for a while in anticipation, should cure the itch for a while. Otherwise Valkyria Chronicles.
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    Overkill Studios - The developers of Payday 2: Asks for 20$ "donations"

    1: No idea, I think he just doesn't like the price. 2: No. 3: Text posts don't display emotion. Hard to tell if your serious or sarcastic, plus i already bought an overkill pack. Plus i agree with them.
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    Overkill Studios - The developers of Payday 2: Asks for 20$ "donations"

    Basically it's a season pass that occurs after the game was released. You pay $20 for four pieces of DLC yet to be released, so far only the masks are announced, there's going to be more content available. I'm not sure what the problem is. the 'might' thing could hold ground if Payday 2 was...
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    Five Nights at Freddy's 2 announced

    That Jack Skellington character does not install confidence in me not getting ripped apart by him. There's a rumour he could be a secret 9th character. The strings do not look friendly, neither does its face. It's all speculation though. Still, the new character designs and new mechanics look...
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    Halo 2: Anniversary Ties Story to Halo 5

    Be interesting how they manage to tie this all together while staying true to the original. If there's plot points in Halo 2: Anniversary that hint at Halo 5, does this mean that Halo 5 will have elements or characters found in Halo 2?
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    Resident Evil: Revelations 2 TGS Preview: Step in The Right Direction

    I really want to get excited for this, but right now i'm waiting to see whether or not Capcom can actually pull themselves out of the runt they got themselves into with RE6. Still, the idea of Claire coming back and the new mechanics (and the return of an old one) does sound interesting.
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    What shows do the UK and other Europeans watch?

    porn I mostly watch whatever is on Dave. Top Gear, Storage Hunters, Mock the Week, QI. Sometimes Dog the Bounty Hunter.
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    Why is Being Nuetral in GamerGate a bad thing?

    The whole GamerGate situation has been escalating rapidly over the past few weeks, and each side believes there's enough at stake to continue fighting. The notion now has become a "with us or against us" situation, and anyone who wishes to speak out for proper discussion on the points both sides...
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    Ten games in 60 seconds challenge

    1. Resident Evil 2 2. Dead Rising 2 3. Dark Cloud 4. Payday 2 5. State of Decay 6. Fallout New Vegas 7. Mass Effect 3 8. Assassin's Creed IV 9. Sonic Adventure 2: Battle 10. Skyrim Took a bit longer than 60 seconds, but close enough
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    If Nintendo built an actual Nintendo-themed amusement park, what would you like to see in it?

    Eternal Darkness themed haunted house. You know you're gonna shit yourself with the ways they'll fuck with your mind. I know it's not exactly Nintendo based, but you know it would be a lot better than other haunted housing, even in places like Disneyland.
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    Telltale Teases Big Walking Dead Season Two News

    My god, it's been ages since i heard any news about Walking Dead Season 2. So many questions, so many thoughts and hopes. I'm wondering what new storyarches they'll include and what subjects they'll tackle in Season 2.
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    Super Mario Bros Z may be rebooted

    I hope he continues and not reboots it. As much as i love the new style in his preview, i've always wanted to know what happens. The intro to SMBZ hints at a few things we've yet to see, King War for example, plus i wanna know how the fight with Basilix goes. He mentioned that Basilix won't be...
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    Road of the Dead 2: An Interview with Evil-Dog

    For those who are a fan of Saga of the Dead series, it all kicked off with Evil-Dog?s smash hit Road of the Dead. Since 2010, Evil-Dog has earnt over six awards on from the Saga of the Dead games. As a special treat for those who are fans, I?m here with Evil-Dog, the programmer...
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    Things you swore you'd never do... Then did it anyway.

    Walking Dead, i said i would never abandon one of my fellow survivors but...
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    Microsoft Drops Xbox One DRM Restrictions - UPDATED

    this is a longshot but i pray to Gabe Newell that this is true. Hearing that Dead Rising 3 would be on Xbox One pissed me the hell off and this being true might convince me enough to get it. I'm not exactly holding my breath but i'm gonna hope they do. If this turns out to be true then this...