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    Poll: This site has too many subforums.

    I wouldn't be surprised if the lack of the sidebar is also hurting forum activity. I barely ever go on the forums now and it's mainly because I have no way of quickly seeing what discussions are going on. I'll go into the subforums, find the same topics I saw a week ago in near enough the same...
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    Poll: Teaching children to shoot guns

    For safety and to instil a healthy respect for firearms, yes. It should be something controllable, like a .22 bolt action rifle or possibly an AR-15 if they're older. I feel that you need to be in control of potentially dangerous things to fully appreciate the responsibility of operating them...
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    The Lord Inquisitor - Prologue

    Not gonna lie, the lack of a budget and large team REALLY shows. Up close, everything looks like a video game with pretty poor animation. And not just the lip synching. Character movements seemed sort of jerky and unrefined. Also add another to the 'dialogue was shitty pile'. That said, it is...
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    Apparently they're still making those Overwatch animated shorts.

    Just watched it. First thought: gorsh this is purdy. Thoughts throughout: gorsh this is purdy. After thoughts: gorsh that was purdy
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    Poll: Which was worse: Batman v Superman or Suicide Squad?

    I'm not sure if I can really judge since I could only sit through the first 45 minutes of BvS, but BvS was the most dour and incoherent mess of a film I've seen. Suicide Squad made no fucking sense either but at least it was vaguely entertaining by comparison.
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    Poll: Choir Bombing trailers or Inception Horn trailers?

    Or even better, that weird slow mo 'BWWWOOOOoooooooo' sound. That shit makes me sad.
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    Your thoughts on swinging/open relationships

    Not my jam, but if it works for the people in question and they're happy, then it's all good.
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    Suicide Squad was awesome, critics high on crack

    I'm going to see it tomorrow with some friends I haven't seen in a while, so we'll see. There have been enough people saying it's at least alright that I'm willing to chance it.
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    How are all you Escapebrits beating the heat?

    I don't live in Europe, but what's helping are blackout curtains and air conditioning.
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    How are all you Escapebrits beating the heat?

    Irish here but things are pretty much the same. To answer the op; I'm not. I just finished 11 hours in work. I work in a fairly busy coffee shop. Standing by an espresso machine all day is not fun in this heat.
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    How are all you Escapebrits beating the heat?

    Just got back to Ireland after vacationing in Florida, so its obviously not nearly as hot as it was there, but my room feels like a dutch oven, doesn't help that our houses are built to preserve heat, so it gets really hot. We don't usually get much nice weather, so I can't really complain. I...
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    How are all you Escapebrits beating the heat?

    Oh god, I hope it cools down by the weekend. I'm working both days and I can guarantee it's going to be a long and busy day.
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    How are all you Escapebrits beating the heat?

    So it's gotten a tad hot 'round these fair isles. Like really quite hot. Well, for the UK at least. 31 here in sunny Bournemouth. So how have all the rest of you Brits been beating the heatwave? I for one have basically been sat in front of a fat fan all day. I've barely moved and I'm still...
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    The whole holding-a-door-thing

    Best I can tell, it's not a thing in real life. There may be some people online who will gripe about it (but again I have never seen this first hand), but you'll probably never get someone having a go at you for just holding a door.
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    Say hello to the new Iron Woman

    I was wondering if it was something to do with that. Didn't know if it's a thing in the comics.