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    Poll: After today's big reveal, are you getting a Wii U?

    Gonna wait till I hear more about smash bros, zelda, and the 3D Mario
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    Mom just got you an iPhone for Christmas!

    So if he cant take it to school, and has to hand it in by 7.30pm... That leaves a maybe ~3 hour window in which he actually is able to use it - for which he will be at home and probably have little actual use for the functionality of the smart phone (camera, portable phone, etc). A couple of...
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    Poll: An offer: $2.5 million for literally everything you own

    I own sweet FA, so hell yes i would.
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    Poll: New Youtube Layout - Your Thoughts

    Its incredibly poorly designed for widescreen monitors, and is incredibly frustrating having to click 3 buttons from the homepage just to view my subscriptions uploads. Its terrible design from that point of view as it is (for a lot of people) the #1 reason why they go to - their...
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    Perma-kill a superhero.

    Superman, awful character.
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    Poll: Your Pet is Drowning, and so is a Stranger.

    If it was a legitimate whirlpool I honestly dont think I'd go in as I'd just end up dying too. However if there were 2 buttons and for some unknown reason I could only push 1 - one saving the stranger, one saving the pet - I'd push the one to save the stranger.
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    Poll: Dubstep. Music or not music?

    106 people (and probably more eventually) are just stupid. Its not an opinion whether or not its music, its a plain and simple fact. It IS music, theres literally no way you can argue otherwise. Now, whether or not its GOOD music - feel free to argue about that all day. You can have an...
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    Valve Drops the Hammer On Infringing Dota 2 Mace

    As SMALL as this? You do realise he submitted someone elses work and lied about it being his own. If it wasnt caught he stood to make a substantial profit off this. Yes - he would have made real money off other peoples COPYRIGHTED work. Not only is this against every bit of Steam's TOS which he...
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    Poll: Why do people hate 3D?

    The only movies I thought the 3D was actually done well - in that it actually added to the experience in a good way - were Avatar and Tron. It definitely has its place, but it is incredibly rare for it to be necessary (and even rarer that its actually done well).
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    Zero Punctuation: The Amazing Spider-Man

    I found this to be one of the funniest vids of yours in a fair while :D
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    Poll: Who would you have wanted to develop the actual KOTOR 3?

    Obsidian had a far easier job than Bioware with regards to KOTOR, in my opinion. Bioware laid the ground-work for the gameplay, mechanics, setting, art style etc with the first game. Obsidian then just had to build upon this with the second. Things were obviously going to be more refined as they...
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    2K: New Genres Impossible Without Photorealism

    Was pretty much going to post the same thing but you already did. Saying what these guys said can be easily disproved by the viewing of any one of Pixar's films. Hell you're able to invote emotion of things that arent even humanoid (Wall-E, Cars, etc). Furthermore, music, books, art and many...
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    Where is the hype for Counter Strike: Global Offensive?

    There's no hype for it because its literally Counter-Strike:Source just retextured/tweaked to be a console port to bring CS to the console generation. Everything he said there is right, but it is also completely true that the same things were said about CSS compared to 1.6 (those things were...
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    What is your favorite Star Wars game?

    Knights of the Old Republic - easily Also enjoyed KOTOR2, Jedi Knight/Academy, SWTOR
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    Spoiler-rific Dark Knight Rises *****/moan/praise thread

    Alfred quite blatantly laid out that it was essentially his wish for bruce that he'd just run off without telling anyone and he'd randomly see there and know that he was living/loving life