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    "Girl Gamer Syndrome"

    Real girl gamers keep quiet about them playing games? You mean girl gamers should keep quiet about them playing games, unlike the guys?
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    Apocalypse Lane: Episode 48: Fin

    Very well done season. I will miss it :(
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    Unskippable: Zone of the Enders

    Omg, I used to own in this game. The first two levels that is. Over and over and over. I can't remember this cutscene though. Maybe because I was really young at the time.
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    Apocalypse Lane: Encore Episode One: Big Pete's Funeral

    Well, this was kinda disappointing :( I was hoping to see what Robot Pete was going to do. Oh well. Better luck next week.
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    Zero Punctuation: Left 4 Dead 2 & New Super Mario Bros Wii

    Bowser would lose :( He would just fall down a pitt. And now I'm still not sure if I want to buy L4D2 or not. I don't own the original, so I won't feel screwed over if i decide to buy it :D
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    Apocalypse Lane: Episode 24: Cuddles Vs. The Neighborhood

    Must... see... next... episode... o.O This show just keeps on getting better and better. Keep it up!
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    Zero Punctuation: Washington DC

    I do not like this. It's a big fuck you I know. But I dont like to get fucked by Yahtzee.
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    Apocalypse Lane: Episode 23: The New Neighbors

    "He's my little Hitler" Made me laugh so much. It's awesome how the story is progressing now. I can't wait 'till Big Pete comes back. Keep up the good work!
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    Unskippable: Dark Messiah

    I loved this game! Maybe I need to install it again one of these days, to keep the lovin' comming.
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    Zero Punctuation: Darkest of Days

    Yahtzee liking a shooter... Yeah right.