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    Zero Punctuation: Overwatch vs Battleborn

    While i agree about Overprice, there is a $40 version on PC. You just have to know how to find it lol dafaq with the double post?
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    Zero Punctuation: Overwatch vs Battleborn

    While i agree about Overprice, there is a $40 version on PC. You just have to know how to find it lol
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    Adam Sandler's Ridiculous Six Is Breaking Netflix Viewership Records

    I dislike Sanders, but the new movie is quite enjoyable. Not something i'd watch more than once, but its worth a gander, the supporting cast are the highlights, Taylor Lautner quite good in the comedic role.
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    Bethesda: Our Factories Simply Cannot Make Any More Pip-Boys

    Had i known there was manufactured scarcity, i would have ordered one and hawk'd it at launch for some serious bank! Damn!
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    The Dream

    Turn your back to her and butt/hip check her to her side. Its super effective. Or poke your gf/wife with your awkward boner until she moves or gives you sex. Either ways, you win.
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    Nvidia Faces Class Action Suit Over Under-performing GTX 970

    I looked into this whole thing and realized it a big deal for peeps playing on 1440p only. So thats why i just bought a Gigabyte Windforce GTX970. Looking at the performance figures and price on a 1080p monitor, this is a non-issue. HOWEVER, i'm glad people are calling their bullshit on this...
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    Hah glad to know someone else who has the same pedantry as me. I've been telling people the difference for ages. Know your latency from your low frame rate!
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    Rock Band Revival? Rumors Point to New Next-Gen Title

    it's been long enough. I would be down for a new one. Plus i have no idea what i did with all my plastic instruments now. So i'd even be game to get a brand new set. Edit: If (not likely) they make the new one have backwards compatibility with the old instruments this new RB would definitely...
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    Escape to the Movies: Exodus: Gods and Kings - The 11th Plague

    Still want to see this movie for the VFX and SFX. Was not expecting this movie to be of anything high minded or serious to begin with. I just love see huge armies of people on screen at the same time. lol
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    No Right Answer: Best/Worst Anime Ever

    If one cannot except it as anything in between, than given Best or Worst, it has to be the Worst by process of elimination. Because it certainly isn't the best.
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    Rainbow Six Siege is the only game i have any interest in coming from Ubisoft. If they throw out this BS again, i'll just have to avoid Ubisoft products altogether. O wells, plenty of other games to play.
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    Bloodborne Dev: 30 FPS is "The Best" For Action Games - Update

    Just stop it. Stop lying out of your ass! you can empirically test this. just sit a bunch of GAMERS down and have them play Dark Souls on 30FPS and then 60FPS and see which one they will pick.
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    Analysis Shows Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Likely to Sell 40% Less Than Ghosts

    I want to go on record as saying it'll sell way better than Ghost. 40% more not less. :P
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    Queen Elizabeth II Sends Her Very First Tweet

    hah this made me chuckle. +1
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    Escape to the Movies: John Wick - Keanu Kicks Ass, Takes Names

    the fight choreography reminds me of eastern style gun flicks. Those long takes are wonderful :D Jump cuts are bad :P