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    Poll: your house is on fire who/what do you save your dog or your console?

    Well, I don't have a dog, but I would save the dog. I have a cat, though. I will definitely save Odin from the flames, since I love him (and he cost me more than the PS3 and the Xbox360 put together).
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    Okay so...

    Got all four teeth removed in a single session. Didn't have any kind of problems afterward, not even bleeding. Tylenol was all I needed to deal with the mild discomfort. So I guess my example isn't very helpful....
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    How many sexual partners have you had?

    Only one. And I'm 32 years-old. Still with the same guy after 12 years.
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    Should a good partner know their girlfriend's menstrual cycle?

    nah, don't worry. Not all women experience PMS.
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    Gotta say, I love your friend's syntax. And I fail to see why the Sixaxis controller is a big plus? And "_internet access_"? Sorry, but the Xbox360 has internet access too, even though you must pay for Gold membership. We could go with a list praising the Xbox360 as well. But it's pointless!
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    Poll: Heterochromia

    Nope, totally blue eyes here.
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    So who's really gonna get gears of war 3?

    I fully intend to buy Gears of War 3, and play it for days. I just love the coop, though playing single is nice too.
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    Ubisoft Unveils a Sexy Wii Minigame Compilation for Adults

    I'm glad I didn't receive this memo....
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    Critical Miss: God Emperor of Steam #3

    I kinda forgot what this arc was all about. I guess I'll simply wait a few weeks and read again the whole thing, cause now, it really doesn't make any sense to me. I guess I'm too old, or something.
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    A skin of steel

    How intesresting, I didn't know Jesse Ventura actually played in a movie other than "Predator".
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    Poll: QQ ;-; ;-; QQ

    I must admit I laughed at the line "I'll rip out your optics!". Terribly sorry!
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    The Kevin Butler Sandwich Breaks Hearts and Arteries

    Damn, it's actually making me feel sick just looking at the picture.
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    The latest eargasm you had

    I'd say, the song "Rusty Nails" by Moderat. Awesome collaboration of Apparat and Modeselektor. Absolutely love it!
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    Where can I find this item?

    Groceries stores, drug stores... (Canadian here as well). You could go to a sex shop too. The owners are generally more than happy to help, without being total assholes about it.
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    I hate February

    On a brighter note, February is the shortest month of the year.