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    A question for Canadian Escapists

    I don't really follow them at all. I have listened to the war of 1812 a few times before, and that never ceases to amuse me.
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    What do you name your enchanted items?

    I kill individual npc's with separate iron dagger that have been enchanted with soul trap. I then name that knife that killed the npc with their name. I then pick pocket into their relatives pocket, or into the leader of their group.
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    Skyrim Help "WARNING SPOILERS"

    I beat the main story with a level 14 mage.... so depending on your skills and enchants, it may be too early. Although you should be able to do it.
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    Humans: Are we evil?

    I think we have a stronger disposition towards evil tendencies. Doesn't mean we all take up on those tendencies, and that as a species we have a great potential for good. Just that as a whole we aren't really doing a net gain of good. So because of that I think we are a little evil.
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    Why do people like dubstep?

    I like some dubstep, because it helps keep my apm up.
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    Trailers: Starcraft 2: Heart of the Swarm - Teaser Trailer Unit changes in HOTS that they announced at blizzcon.
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    $1 Pre-Order Afterfall for Charity!

    What they stated was that you get a dollar discount off the game if they do not reach 10m sales.
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    $1 Pre-Order Afterfall for Charity!

    If you get 10m sales, of the preorder of $1, then we get the game for that, and you pocket 9m. If it does not reach 10m sales, not only do you not get the game, all you get is a dollar off the 33$ cost of the game. What the hell is this? That's not even really charitable, 9m revenue for...
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    EVE Online Boss Apologizes For Everything

    And yet I still smell bullshit. There's no way he didn't see where this was leading. A CEO should have strong bullshit senses when he detects a threat to his company. No way in hell he didn't see this coming. I'm leaning towards him not really being sorry and just trying to get a better...
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    how long have you been on forums?

    Longer then some I'd say. If I remember correctly my first post was a joke saying that the majority of final fantasy charecters come off girlish. I was then ridiculed and taken seriously. In the persons defense I wasn't good at communicating on large forums, as all of my prior forums...
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    Manga Suggestions?

    Alright updated my list, and grabbed the ones that seemed compelling and or interesting. I appreciate it, if you have any comedies, or mangas like hellsing, go ahead and post here. I appreciate it greatly :) I'm hoping this list can last me a couple months hence me asking as much as I can...
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    Manga Suggestions?

    Doesn't look like a *****, so it's added to my to read list. (Still looking for some suggestions if possible)
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    Manga Suggestions?

    AS odd as this probably sounds, I used to watch the anime for onepiece, and didn't know where I left off. Essentially I'd have to go through hundreds of manga chapters to find where I stopped watching one piece, and pick it up with manga chapters. I've also already seen all the Dragon Balls...
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    Manga Suggestions?

    Berserk, because the manga is a few thousand times better than the anime. It's ongoing, but on a 2-week release schedule.
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    Manga Suggestions?

    I would like some manga suggestions if I'd prefer if there were some ongoing manga, just so I have a new manga update every day, but frankly that's not a huge deal. I'm into action, fantasy, martial arts e.t.c. Just not a fan of harem, the Gou-Dere Bishoujo Nagihara Sora listing is a massive...