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    The REAL reason why RWBY failed(You're not gonna believe it)

    RWBY is a CG animated series created by Monty Oum and produced by Rooster Teeth. It's stylistically similar to many shonen anime shows. It follows a group of teenagers training to be monster hunters who get caught in some mysterious goings-on. (The name RWBY specifically is made of the main...
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    What A Scoop! Settlers of Catan Publisher Making Newspaper Game

    Extra Extra sounds more than a little like Penny Press... I wonder if there's a lawsuit in the making here... (for those who want to compare:
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    Roll For Sass! Check Out These Out-Of-Context D&D Quotes

    The strangest thing I can specifically remember saying in a campaign is, "How much does the Pope weigh? I need to add him to my inventory." No, I'm not going to explain it. (but in the same campaign my fiancé played a druid with a very lucrative side business selling 'herbs'.)
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    Sony Guilty of "Deceptive Marketing" - Must Refund Early Vita Adopters

    Yay! A (slight) justification for jumping the gun and buying a vita about 6 months before I normally would have! I've always felt a bit bad for the Vita... it's a great piece of hardware, but the marketing was crap, so the game library never really grew, so no one bought it, so no one had a...
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    Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Finally Tackles Its Biggest Mystery

    Now, I know I'm late to the part on this- we had a power outage when it aired, then I had a nice, big ol' hunk of work time (Black Friday prep) so I just watched this one. But- at the beginning of the episode, when Skye is talking to Coulson about the carvings, she says 'if this is a map, it's a...
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    Feed Dump: The Ghost of Sexual Relations Past

    Here Tally- you're welcome!
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    Feed Dump: Jerkin' It to Woods Porn

    I like Cam-lead Feed Dump. It's like some weird hybrid of comedy and an extreme political group's podcast. (As opposed to Kathleen's 'almost an opener for a burlesque act' and standard Graham 'seriously guys, it's supposed to be about the NEWS.')
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    Sony Still Learning Right Model for Consumers for PlayStation Now

    Sounds great! (Let's just hope they, y'know, actually DO it- considering Sony's stated they're backing off on Vita games [],I fear they may decide not to bother... I mean, right there they list...
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    Google's Fiber Cables Wrapped in Kevlar-like Material Against Sharks

    Considering the way Shark Week is going, a special on this would likely be about how the electromagnetic radiation was superpowering sharks and causing them to attack humans, with a dumb name for a specific supershark like Volt or Charger or something.
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    Sony Still Learning Right Model for Consumers for PlayStation Now

    Who, in their right mind, would pay 25 frickin' dollars for a bloody RENTAL? That seems almost insulting to me- you can just flat-out buy a lot of PS1-3 games for that price (unless prices are just that dramatically different in Europe.) The kind of person who's going to want to play a lot of...
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    Funny pet quirks

    We trained our dog to run into the yard and pick up the newspaper for us- when he comes in, we give him a treat and he drops the paper. If you don't get the treat right away, he opts to "read" (tear up) the paper instead. We once found an old box of treats in the back of the cabinet, so we...
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    Actress Reveals Rainbow Brite Reboot

    I called it! I have been saying for a few years now, since My Little Pony made its comeback and Jem starting airing again, that if anyone else wants in on the 80s girl nostalgia, their best bet is gonna be Rainbow Brite. Now- let's see if they get it right or not...
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    Escapist News Now: Thor Is Now A Girl!

    Big 'meh' on the Thor thing for me, save for one observation: this was done to appeal to women? Really? I mean- Thor's one of the only big superheroes to have a real entrenched 'hunk' status going on (to the point that was a Big Bang joke, even.) So, you're going to appeal to my gender by taking...
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    E.T. Cartridges Found in New Mexico Landfill After 30 Years

    If you look through the pics here, you'll see one of a mangled shipping box of ET carts- that's a lot of boxed copies to assemble and distress. Furthermore, if you look up this story at other outlets (here [], for example) they...
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    Captain America Sequel Could Become Biggest April Movie Ever

    This is what I was planning- catch the first morning show after release, when all the hardcore fans have gone to sleep from midnight shows but everyone else is waiting for the weekend. Then my fiancé opted to switch to the first showing at the last minute so we could go in a bigger group...