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    You Meet an Escapist IRL...

    I don't know, do most couples build pillow forts, then fail hilariously to have sex in to due to dying laughing at the ridiculousness of it? If so, then yes, couple things.
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    long-distance love

    I'm not gonna lie, distance sucks. I live a six hour plane ride from my girlfriend and there are times where I feel physical pain not being able to be there with her. That said, I wouldn't trade these last 6 months for anything. It's hard, but if you found the right person like I know I have...
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    Imagine opening night for MLP the movie

    And you know I'd totally do that too. I can think of no better date than that (but only because I'm really unimaginative :P) Also, Team Dashie!
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    Skyrim: Blocking and you, or This is why you keep dying.

    I would, but meh. I like having a spell in the the other hand too much. Also, I'm RPing and my character just doesn't use shields.
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    The Love Thread

    This girl right here: >.> <.< Also ponies and Skyrim.
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    Favourite Video Game Soundtrack

    Probably a tie between Final Fantasy VII and Kingdom Hearts (all of them). Edit: Oh shit, almost forgot The Bastion. I actually own the soundtrack to that.
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    Favorite currently running animated series (Other than MLP:FiM)

    Well there is this:So it's a start.
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    Favorite currently running animated series (Other than MLP:FiM)

    I feel your pain bro. OT: Archer, South Park, Futurama, and you can probably guess the last one from my avatar, but I can't say it.
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    "I don't usually like [X Genre] games, but..."

    Both wrong, Birth by Sleep is best Kingdom Hearts game :P (though I love every game in the series) OT: Not a huge fan of racing games, RTSs, and sports games (team sports, not extreame sports like Tony Hawk or SSX). Can't really say I've found very many exceptions, if any.
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    Poll: Have you watched violent porn?

    Ok I guess I'm gonna have to be the one to post it. OT: No, not my thing. Stumbled upon a few thins that came close, but no.
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    Poll: "Sequels" that butcher the previous games

    I think I'm gonna steal that point next time I get into this kind of argument. Don't think I've met a single person who's played that game that hated it.
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    Favourite Colossus

    This guy right here. By far the most fun. Reminded me a bit of Molgera from Wind Waker too.
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    What is your favorite signature weapon?

    This guy right here: <image width=500 src=> Classic.
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    Linux users.

    I run a copy of Ubuntu on a virtual machine. Windows 7 is still my main, but I have my uses for it.