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    So Japan built a real life mech...

    It shoots BBs and water ballons it's an insanley expensive LARP/cosplay item.
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    Recommend a Post Apocalyptic table top game?

    Now now your setting info is a bit wrong, galvanic weapons aren't really in everyone's hands, though the setting is about the most grimdark I know. It's not even ott dark humor grim dark, it's just humaity is almost doomed to a slow death as is the world. Though yes it's a game world where the...
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    I abhor the Olympics.

    I generally dislike sports and watching them. So I'll begin by saying the Olympics are annoying as a whole, dear god I've seen every damn product make a bid to be related in advertising. I however am/was an amature fencer(the current status is debated-able). Fencing is something I love to do and...
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    Feed Dump: Hot Nurses and Pregnant Chimps

    I was just going to say the same. Was very much like Phailhaus different set though and more hats.
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    GameStop Abandons U.K. Stores

    One more plus the the GAME strangle hold over games sales in brick and mortar in the UK. I don't think there is a games seller near buy not owned by them now. They also seem the be the ones behind the keeping of games of the UK steam store for a few months but there is no solid evidence towards...
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    "Push this button for $100,000!" Edited

    I wouldn't press it as it's ambidgiouly worded and I'm not playing $100,000 for a magic shock of pain. But bar that yeah I'd press it as long as the pain seemed no fatle
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    Morrowind suddenly slow on Xbox, help?

    Morrowind had issues even on the xbox a fair few too. Try resting in the same in door cell for 3 days solid this will reset/remove all the disposable corpses and some containers. They did cause issues on the xbox version as it tried to keep track of them all. Sadly it's very likely you are...
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    So, is Dwarf fortress some Ultimate game to end all games?

    DF is amazing I'd long give up playing it until recently after my massive fort of way too much time sunk into it failed due to an unforeseeable issues. Also cat lag DAMN CATS! Still name me a game that maps every creatures vascular system internally?
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    Suggest a programming language

    I've never even touched Haskell but I think I must now. But yeah Java and Python are nice languages. Then I learnt to code in .lua for Homeworld 1&2 modding so I've had an interesting time with my coding.
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    Poll: Survey no.2: Do you use IRC?

    Yeah I use IRC I should invest in a decent IRC client I bounce between Mibbit, a self coded one, and pigdin none are really perfect to say the least.
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    Were the Ultramarines the right choice for the main chapter of space marines in W40K space marine?

    It's mostly as when selling 40k to peoples parents the Ultramarines are the safe chapter more or less that's how it started. The idea of Space Marine would have most certainly been better fit with a Deathwatch kill-team an opitunity I think they really missed allowing them to not focus on a...
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    Favorite 3rd party N64 games

    Diakattana now in all seriousness the Turok games where AWESOME. The Rare games where Epic, Both Banjo games and DK64 and perfect dark are among some of the best games I've played. Wether they are 3rd party is a issue.
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    Poll: Should the Fallout setting go European (or anywhere else)?

    I mean SICENCE! would still work the same. We've had hints that the USA got off nicely compared to some places in the recovery factor if not the "war". To me the the US setting isn't a big a player in Fallouts awesome than the games taking 1950's American Sci-Fi and making a world with it, in a...
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    If you were to worship a fictional God who would you choose?

    A fair god for all....
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    How long do you sleep? (Average)

    3-7 or around 5 if you average heavily.