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    Review: Magic the Gathering: Duels of the Planeswalkers

    I played magic like 10 years ago, when it was 4th and 5th edition. It was an early time when everyone had pretty equal decks, unless you where a hardcore collecter. But after a few expansions came out I began to think that it was getting unbalanced. Every game introduced new cards and awkward...
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    Zero Punctuation: Ghostbusters: The Video Game

    its always funny as shit to hear yahtzee crucify an easy target. Why is yahtzee so racist?
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    Review: Overlord 2

    Im evil. And I love Susan Arendt. I may have to try this game. But you say the camera is really bad Susan? Im fairly impatient, I tend to break controllers if it is to frustrating.
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    ACT OF GOD (not a religious debate)

    should it not be act of mother nature? or act of god's?? if they gonna be a mythical, it could zeus or hades or something
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    Longest Singleplayer Game?

    I finally played Halflife 2 last month, and I was obsessed with it for two days straight. I was amazed at how it never ended! I never had the patience to play through Bioshock or Mass Effect cause I thought they both sucked. But Halflife 2 kept me more then entertained, and it was a truly epic...
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    Review: inFamous

    Crazy \ Crazy, thought I was the last person that still played D&D and not some online rpg.
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    Review: inFamous

    Sounds to me that susan had a bottle of wine on this review, or what ever interesting video game reviewing babes drink lmao. I'm assuming though.... She still sounds pisses off about velvet assassin.
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    Review: The Maw

    sounds like another game susan liked :D I saw a video with susan in it, she is pretty.
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    Review: Flock

    that was really cute review, I think susan really liked this game. And that was a sweet E crop circle hahah
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    Poll: Should George Bush be tried for crimes against humanity/war crimes?

    Bush shoulda been able to go for a third term. I think Obama will be MUCH MUCH worse.
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    What everyone is doing wrong in TeamFortress 2

    I play all the classes myself too. I watched an interesting movie on engineers that helped my game alot, its playing an engineer on offence, you repeatedly demolish and move your level one sentry up, a level one sentry still kills a scout in under 5 seconds, even less if you pounding him with...
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    Poll: Guys playing girl characters

    I play alot of characters on world of warcraft at one time, I go about 50/50 on the gender thing. I figured one day that a holy priest would make more sense as a female, I named it after one of my favorite female characters I created while being a dungeon master and kinda got hooked. Though I...
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    Poll: Favorite D&D campaign settings

    I never tryed darksun, but it looked dark and emo-ish, IE fun
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    Poll: Favorite D&D campaign settings

    actually most players only get to 12-13, then it gets too awkward. 4 pages to a character sheet to constantly change is kinda a days work in its self. Also dragonlance sucks
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    What do you wear when gaming?

    what ever clothes that dont smell too gross